Iris Invasion + Tidbits

Hey people! This is late… I’m having a hard time uploading new photos sadly, but I managed to have something for you today:


  1. I am hoping to post on Christmas day something special if I can get photos uploaded by then.
  2. I entered Natalie and Emmie’s fall photostory competition, and nominated people for the Emmie Awards!
  3. I did NOT ask for an AG doll for Christmas but I did have a couple 18in doll related things, so I might share those with you all!
  4. I bought a Disney animator doll: Rapunzel. I bought her so I could play with her long hair, and because my sister has a Anna doll. Here she is near our Christmas tree:

Rapunzel is adorable. 🙂 I really recommend the animator dolls, if you are into that sort of thing. I’m kind of a sucker for cute stuff. XD

Iris Invasion:

So, often times, my cat Iris will invade when I’m trying to take pictures. XD So these are a couple pics I had of her invading Rebecca’s Thanksgiving Game Show.


Bonus photos:

Iris chewing on my doll coat-hanger.

Sometimes she hangs around when I’m taking pictures. She can be distracting. XD

Quick note:

I have totally spaced adding Barbies to the Meet the Barbies page, so, as soon as I’m able to upload photos, I hope to get quite a few profiles up. 🙂

If you think Iris is cute, why not hit that like button?! Bye for now, everyone!



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