Kit Wanders (A Photoshoot)

Greetings! I haven’t taken Kit out for a photoshoot lately so I decided to do so today. (: I had fun putting together her outfit. She is wearing her shoes and bracelet from her Meet Outfit, Tenney’s vest, Saige’s white jeans from her Picnic Outfit, and Maryellen’s headscarf from her Play Outfit.

I really love this one with the bokeh and sun!

Kit is absolutely adorable. She is definitely one of my cutest AG dolls. Rebecca is up there too…


Kit is my daring one for sure. She actually fell off this wood bench thing ^ and luckily I caught her before her face had a chance to get scraped. Yikes. That’s doll photographers for you.

This came out pretty cool. For some reason, it reminds me of when she was walking on the train tracks in her book. (She did that right? it has been awhile since I read them.)

This last pose came out pretty cute. This one was fairly easy, but isn’t it difficult to pose 18in dolls sometimes? I hate it when they fall over, but I can’t bring myself to stop trying new poses with them. XD

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