Lego Photography by Jewel’s Sister

Hello everyone, I am Jewel’s sister. I was taking some pictures of our Lego Ninjago Minifigures the other day and my sister said she would like if I did a guest post. These pictures are taken with a phone so they are not as great of quality as my sister’s, but I hope you like them anyway. (:


Zane Julian

Nindroid (Ninja Robot) Ice Ninja

His teeth are slightly scratched so it looks like he needs to brush his teeth really bad.


Coleman Hence (Cole)

Earth Ninja


Lloyd Montgomery Garmadon

Green Ninja (his power is some sort of green energy like all the ninja’s power rolled into one, and he is the only one known to have a middle name)


Jason Walker (Jay)

Lightning Ninja

I like how I got the shadow. (:



Fire Ninja (no known last name)

This one was hard, Kai kept falling out of the tree.



Water Ninja (no known last name, sister to Kai, and only girl on the team)

I took a picture of her next to our pond, but it blurred in the background, and it is hardly noticeable.

(Sorry there is only 2 pics for Nya, my sister and I were having a hard time uploading a third for some reason.)




I have no idea why they all have long sleeves or jackets when it is 95 degrees outside.

They are all on the swing. This one was a little difficult.

Which picture was your favorite? which ninja? It is hard to choose which picture is my favorite, but my favorite ninja would have to be Zane or Cole. That’s all for now. Who knows, maybe I will do another post later in the future.

I will respond to all comments personally, thank you for your time.


~Jewel’s Sister


  • Katie

    Those pictures are so awesome! Great job! My favorite pictures are the first and last group shots. I think Jay is my favorite ninja, he’s so funny! And Cole’s my second favorite, I like how in the movie he’s like super cool with everything and when Garmadon is telling the ninjas about his ninja moves everyone’s like “wow!” And Cole is not impressed XD is Ninjago your favorite out of the Lego movies? Mine’s the Lego Batman movie 🙂
    -Katie 🙂

    • Jewel

      Thank you, Katie. Jay is funny! That part is awesome. Personally Cole is my favorite in the show and movie, I like Zane in the show better than the movie though. Yes the Lego Ninjago Movie is my favorite lego movie.

      ~Jewel’s Sister

  • Xyra

    Okay, so this is cool! I love Lego min figures! So my favorite photos include the first one for Cole, second for Lloyd, and second for Nya. i like the first group shot (used for the title banner). Great job on the photos!

  • Diamond @

    Hi Jewel’s sister! I liked seeing your photography. Both your and Jewels photography skills are insanely amazing. I think you should make more posts on here in the future!

    • Jewel

      Hi Diamond! oh wow, thank you I was hoping that my pictures turned out ok, but that is a huge compliment to me! I hope I can make more posts in the future as well. Again, thank you for the compliment it means a lot to me!

      ~Jewel’s Sister

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