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HELLO GUYS! Since a lot of you liked my last Lego post, I’d thought I’d do another one for you! I took all these pictures today, and all the characters you will see, are from either from the Lego Batman Movie or the Lego Ninjago Movie.

My siblings and I play with Legos almost every single day. You can bet if we have the time, we will most likely be in the “Lego house.” It is a small building on our property solely for LEGO! Kind of like the one we’ll be getting for the AG dolls. My siblings and I (Except the 3-year-old) each “have” a Ninja (or two) from the Lego Ninjago Movie. For example, Zane the ice Ninja (above) is my brother’s.

Kai is also my brother’s! I really like Kai’s hair. It reminds me of his fire powers. Kai is probably one of the coolest looking ninjas, in my opinion.

Jay! Yup, the lightning ninja is mine! Isn’t he so adorable! Fun fact: his full name is Jason Walker. I have only one ninja, mostly because I collect the Lego Batman Movie stuff as well. I’m totally fine with it since Jay is my favorite.

Lloyd/the green ninja is my sister’s. I love that he has colored eyes (though it contradicts the Lego Movie in which he made an appearance with classic black eyes.)!

Cole! He is also my sister’s and probably my second favorite Ninja. I just really like his powers and DJ skills. XD

Nya is the super cool water ninja (also my sister’s). I loved when she ran on water in the movie!

GROUP SHOT! I like this one a lot. An early Christmas present (one set of grandparents won’t be here for Christmas so they gave us all our presents early) to my brother and sister was the Temple of the Ultimate Ultimate Weapon, which is what the Ninjas are in front of (above).

AHH! My early present was the Batcave! It came with Alfred and Bruce Wayne (two figures I REALLY wanted). Alfred is so great. I think it’s funny he has a “bald hairpiece.”

Batman and ‘Puter. XD ‘Nuff Said.

I LOVE Bruce’s winking face. I am so happy to have him. I mean, who’s Batman without Bruce Wayne. Just a suit?

Barbra and Bruce/Batman: Probably My favorite characters from the Lego Batman Movie.

I recently got the only Harley Quinn Minifig from the Blind Bag Series. She is Nurse Harley Quinn.

I really like this version of Harley Quinn.

She came with this little “clipboard” accessory, as well as the Nurse hat she is wearing (it’s removable).

LOL. I told my sis, “Get me scared faces.”

“Family” photo. The gold Batman suit (I forgot the name…) came with the Batcave which is in the background.

Here is Olivia from the Ninjago Movie. I love her Slushi piece!!!

HAHA! This photo stars Kai as SANTA! Who says Lego minifigs can’t have Christmas too? NO ONE!

Nya REALLY wants to start opening presents.

I love how Zane’s Facial expressions are made up of exact shapes. He is practicing some Christmas songs on his guitar.

Cole (the only ninja who technically has 2 hair pieces) is helping decorate.

We saw a YouTube Video where Garmadon was actually wearing this^ to tell the viewers that the Ninjago Movie was out on digital Blueray. We had all the pieces so decided to put it together.

AWWW! I like this last one of Nya and Jay.

I hope you enjoyed these pics! Tell me which one was your favorite in the comments below!



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