Little Luciana, (A Photoshoot)

What’s up? Today I have a very fun photoshoot of Luciana. She is already starting to be front and center this month, especially with being DOTM at Dolls’N’All. Here are some pictures of Luciana I took!

Luci is always pretending that she is flying. XD

I really like this pose.

Her highlight is so cool.

What do you think of Luci in black and white?

I LOVE How the purple flowers on one of our little trees went perfectly with what Luci was wearing.

I’m taking a photography class at my CO-OP. This picture makes me think me of “framing,” with the flowers around Luci’s face.

I am very happy that I got a good amount of pictures of the entire doll, not just close-ups!

I hope you enjoyed the photos! If you did I’d love if you’d give this post a like! I have a question for you in the comments: What is your favorite face mold for AG dolls? I am a sucker for the Josefina one. What was your favorite picture? Bye for now, everyone!




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