Making Plum Pie (Photoshoot)

Yo yo yo! Before this post starts: I would like to say that when I first moved my blog to WordPress my first photo series, The 30’s, lost its pictures for parts 8-10, but I am proud to announce They have been fully restored! If you haven’t read it it’s probably in one of my top accomplishments on this blog so be sure to check it out!

Also, for the last few weeks, I totally spaced adding dolls to the Meet the Barbies page, so this week I’ll be adding 3!

Anyway on to the photoshoot:

We have these miniature edible plums in our backyard, and I realized they were the perfect size for our dolls!

My lovely Saige decided to go out and pick some!

My sister has been baking lately so my Mom came up with a cool idea if the dolls “made” a plum pie.

Saige is picking them for Grace to make into a pie. She decided to try one. (They are pretty darn tart and not too sweet so we ultimately decided to use plums from the store for the pie, but for the purposes of this photoshoot let’s just pretend we used these ones. XD)

Saige brought the plums to Grace.

Grace set to work making the pie dough.

She used her handy mixer.

Finally, she rolled it out.

Then she took the plums, cut them up, and put them in the crust.

Time to bake! (Thanks sis for being the one to make the pie!)

Eventually, It was done!

Saige really liked the pie. (I did too!)


What is your favorite pie flavor? Mine is Berry… YUM! Tell me in the comments! If you thoroughly enjoyed the experience of this internet postage kindly click the star button that represents your appreciatory feeling toward the said post. *Adjusts Monacle* (I literally just laughed out loud.) I’ll see you soon! Bye, for now, everyone!



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