Many Knots Hairstyle

Hey, my Peeps! Today I have a  hairstyle that is both super quick and easy, yet it is a great little dash of elegance to your dolls look. 🙂 Ready?

Start by brushing out your doll’s hair and misting it to tame it. Separate a very small section of hair on the front side of your doll’s head.

Separate that section into 2 pieces.

Not too close to the scalp, cross the two pieces: either left over right or right over left. I started with the right piece over left.

Then I brought the piece that was underneath the other, over and through the hole.

Pull the knot you made to tighten it. Careful not to make it too tight! These are going to be very loose knots. I still left a hole showing.

Next cross the pieces again, but this time do the exact opposite way you did the first. This time I did left over right.

I again pulled the piece of hair that was under the other over and through the hole, pulling it a little tighter.

Keep alternating how you cross the strands until you get the number of loops you want. Honestly, I’m not sure why alternating works, but I experimented and when I just kept doing right over left the loops didn’t look similar. When I started alternating they had the same form. Try experimenting yourself!

This next part is totally up to you, but I simply clipped the knots away from Raven’s face and to the back of her head.

If you did this on both sides of her head it might have a crown effect.

Basically, you can do whatever you want with it as long as you make sure to secure the knots.

I don’t usually do hairstyle posts so I was really happy with myself for coming up with one finally. XD

Will you do the Many Knots Hairstyle on your doll? Tell me if you will in the comments! If you like the post, why knot (I mean not) drop a like! XD Bye for now, everyone!



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