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Mckenna’s Dilemma

Hi, Peeps in the hood, ( I make myself smile when I say that. And yes… I know you are not actually in my “hood”. LOL, “PEEPS” Reminds me of those candy marshmallow things…) Today, we have a cute photo story starring Mckenna! (Notice the title.) I am soooooooooooooo happy, because all the girls stayed in place marvelously! I didn’t have too much trouble with the pictures. I hope you enjoy your dinner, LOL, JK! PRESENTING: Mckenna’s Dilemma!


One Saturday morning, Mckenna Brooks, played her favorite game (Mckenna’s Gymtastic) on the tablet. You could say she was having fun, but she had sore eyes from playing 2 hours straight. It was repetitive too, but she did not want to do anything else. Suddenly, she heard someone climbing up her bed.

Saige crawled up. Mckenna knew it was her bed too, but she couldn’t help but be annoyed at the interruption of her game.

Saige plopped herself down by Mckenna. “Hey Mickey!” Saige grinned in the happiest of moods.


“Don’t call me that,” Mckenna grumbled, not in the happiest of moods.


Saige laughed, “Sorry, just came up here to tell you, that we’re going outside for a picnic!”

“Eh,”Mckenna shrugged.


“Oh!” Saige said sarcastically, “Well, you have 2 options. Either YOU GO, or YOU GO.”


Mckenna smiled a little, “Oh Saige!”


“Come on!”


Mckenna sighed, “Fine, whatever, I’ll go. I don’t want to, but for you, I guess I’ll come. When we are done though, you have to promise let me get back on the tablet.”


“Alright, but you really are too addicted to that thing…”


Grace checked the picnic basket to make sure Raven got everything she had baked and pre-cut.

“Check.. The cantaloupe, check… My tart, check… Um, I think that’s everything! Great job Raven. ”

“MMMMMMM!” Kit sighed happily leaning over Grace’s shoulder.


“Yes.” Raven agreed.


“Well thank you,” Grace smiled.

Mckenna and Saige came in.

“We’re ready! Kit did you grab the frisbee?” Saige asked wanting everything to be perfect.


“Uh… No…” Kit ran off to grab it.


As all this happened, Caroline quietly observed them while holding her doll, ready for the time when they would actually go outside.

The Picnic…

Finally they were all set up.

Grace set out the food.

Caroline sat down to attempt to do her doll’s hair.

Raven grabbed a slice of watermelon.

Kit and Saige played frisbee.

Mckenna… stood alone, doing absolutely nothing.

“Mckenna,” Grace called her attention, “You should do something!”

“I don’t know, Grace. I don’t feel like doing anything. I’m tired…” so she turned and walked away.

“Ugh! I’m so bored!!!” Mckenna said to herself.

She sat on a rock thinking of the game on the tablet, and wishing she could play on it.

Meanwhile: Saige handed the frisbee to Kit.


“That was fun Kit! I’m hungry. I’m going to go get something to eat. You comin’ ?”


“Nah, I’m not ready yet. I’ll find someone else to throw a few with.”

“Hey Mckenna!” Kit yelled as she walked up, “Wanna play some frisbee?!” She stopped in front of her.


“No. Not right now. Now go… PLEASE!” Mckenna said grumpily.

“Well, FINE!” Kit turned indignantly and stomped away.


Mckenna felt sorry for being so mean.

She got up and went after Kit. She tapped on Kit’s shoulder who was mumbling things under her breath.

Kit turned abruptly. “YES?!”


“Hey, I’m sorry. Let’s play some frisbee!”



“OK KIT, toss it over here!”


Kit threw it with all her might. It went flying!

WHIZZ! It flew past Mckenna’s head, but she turned suddenly, and snatched it right out of the air!

“WOW! That was wicked awesome!!!!!!” Kit yelled to her.

Mckenna whispered to herself, “This is fun!” Then she yelled, “Get ready for my throw Kit!”


They played for half an hour more. Mckenna was having so much fun, she hardly thought of her tablet game.

Finally Grace shouted to them, “You guys should probably eat something!!!”


“Ok…” they sighed, but they were hungry, so their “depression” didn’t last long.

Mckenna sat down with a slice of cantaloupe by Caroline while Kit told Saige about their game.

“This is great cantaloupe, Grace!” Mckenna said.

“Thank the farmers!’ Grace laughed.


Mckenna laughed too.

She shifted to Caroline, “So, what have you been up to?”

“Well, I WAS doing my dolls hair…” she said smiling as turned to grab something beside her.

*insert HUGE gasp by audience*

“WOW.” Mckenna said seriously.

“Yeah, NEVER, becoming a hairstylist! This thing is a horror movie!”

They cracked up.


“Yeah!” Mckenna laughed.


Caroline feeling like being silly said, “I should call it: ‘BEAUTIFUL HAIR?!… WHERE?'”


“YES!!!!!” Mckenna laughed hard.

The other girls had no idea what was going on. Finally, Mckenna and Caroline had to calm down after laughing so hard, because their tummies hurt. Then Grace called for everyone to go on a nature walk. Caroline grinned at Mckenna then got up to go. Mckenna sighed, going on a walk was something she did’t want to do with her day.

They all walked along the nature trail path.

Mckenna scuffled along in the back of the party by herself. She didn’t understand how this was enjoyable.

She rushed up to Raven, who was in front of her. “Hey, can I walk with you?”


“Yes, of coarse.”

They walked in silence for a little while. Mckenna just stared in front of her, bored to death.

Mckenna had to speak up so she asked, “Why do you like this so much, Raven?”

Raven faced her, “I like to observe nature.”


“Ok…” Mckenna said unsure if that was entertaining.

“Well look up there,” she said pointing above their heads. “Isn’t that tree canopy just so pretty?”

Mckenna looked up, and stared for a few seconds at the tree top. “Yeah,” she said finally, “you’re right.”

So the walk ended up being very nice. Raven and Mckenna pointed things out to each other. At last is was time to pack up and head home.

Mckenna helped Grace fold the picnic blanket while the other girls picked up stuff.


“Thanks Mckenna.”


“No Problem.”

When they got back home, Mckenna wrote about their fun afternoon in her journal.

Saige tapped on her shoulder. “So… did you end up having a good time today?”

“Yeah… It was pretty fun.”

“Great! Well here you go!” Saige pulled the tablet out from behind her back.

Suddenly Grace called from the next room, “Hey everyone, we are going to play duck duck goose!!!”


“I’m coming Grace!!!” Saige yelled back.

Saige then asked, “Are you coming, Mckenna?”


Mckenna stood in silence for a little while.









Hope you guys liked it. It was pretty long! Let me know in the comments how you liked it, and your favorite part!



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