Meet The AG Dolls

If you asked me what my favorite doll brand of all time was, I would say AMERICAN GIRL! Since my blog is mainly focused on my 9 (for right now) AG dolls, then it follows that you should definitely get to know them. This is the page where you can do that.


For a complete list of the dolls in order of age go HERE.

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Mckenna Darla Brooks

Mckenna is my first AG doll. I earned for her myself. She is Girl Of The Year 2012.

  • Age: 11
  • Nickname: Kenna or Mickey (The latter she dislikes)
  • Favorite Color: Blue
  • Favorite Food: Anything Sweet
  • Hobby/Sport: Gymnastics
  • Personality: Joker, VERY Energetic when excited, Mischievous, Dramatic, Not A Good Secret Keeper
  • Likes: Pranking, Showing Off, Making Others Laugh,
  • Dislikes: A Spoiled Prank, Messing Up A Gymnastics Move, Anything HOMEWORK Related
  • Something She Would Say: “It’s PRANK time!”
  • Fun Fact: My sister didn’t want an AG doll until I opened up Mckenna and she saw her.


Caroline Jean Abbott

Caroline is my second AG doll. I got her for Christmas. She is a Pre-Beforever Historical Character. I re-wigged her at the end of 2018. 

  • Age: 12
  • Nickname: None
  • Favorite Color: Teal
  • Favorite Food: Fried Fish
  • Hobby/Sport: Boat Sailing
  • Personality: Calm, Collected, Organized Leader, Contemplative, Gentle, Caring
  • Likes: The Water/The Beach, Alone Time
  • Dislikes: Big Egos, Too Much Drama
  • Something She Would Say: “Ok, let’s dial down the drama guys…”
  • Fun Fact: I cried (of happiness) when I received her!


Saige Rose Copeland

Saige is my third AG doll. I earned for her myself. She is Girl Of The Year 2013.

  • Age: 10
  • Nickname: None
  • Favorite Color: All Bright colors
  • Favorite Food: Chips and Guacamole
  • Hobby/Sport: Painting and Horseback Riding
  • Personality: Creative, Smart, Talkative, Perfectionist, Fashionable
  • Likes: Horses, Tamed Hair, People, Music, Painting
  • Dislikes: The Ruining Of What She Doesn’t Want To Be Ruined
  • Something She Would Say: “Oh no! This is the worst possible thing! Where’s my paintbrush?!”
  • Fun Fact: I always say that I think she is one of the best AG dolls ever made.


(Kit) Margret Mildred Kittredge

Kit is my fourth AG doll. I earned for her myself. She is a Beforever.

  • Age: 10
  • Nickname: Kit (She goes by this. Rarely is she ever called Margaret.)
  • Favorite Color: Happy Green
  • Favorite Food: Sandwiches
  • Hobby/Sport: Writing for the newspaper
  • Personality: Imaginative, Adventurous, Tomboy, Not Shy, Stubborn
  • Likes: Adventure, Stories/Fairytales, Being Dared To Do Something Risky
  • Dislikes: Not Winning, Bullies, When There Is Nothing To Do
  • Something She Would Say: “‘Having an Adventure’ doesn’t mean: sitting on the couch and watch someone else on TV climb the unclimbable mountain. It means going out and doing that yourself.”
  • Fun Fact: Kit will probably always be one of my favorites. I just love the Beforever Characters (especially Kit’s time period). I also love Kit’s personality, and her adorableness is out the roof!


Grace Victoria Thomas

Grace is my fifth AG doll. I earned for her myself. She is Girl Of The Year 2015.

  • Age: 11
  • Nickname: None
  • Favorite Color: Black, White, Red, and Pink
  • Favorite Food: French Pastries
  • Hobby/Sport: Baking
  • Personality: Creative, Friendly, Girly, Perky, Witty
  • Likes: Being In The Kitchen, Looking Nice (Though She Could Care Less About A Little Flour Getting On Her Dress), When People Like Her Cooking
  • Dislikes: Rude Manners, Rotten Eggs (Though Who Wouldn’t?), Being Flattered Too Much
  • Something She Would Say: “MMMMM! Not too shabby, if I do say so myself.”
  • Fun Fact: She is SUPER photogenic. She always looks so elegant.


Raven Sky Mckay

Raven is my sixth AG doll. She was a birthday present. She is Truly Me #55.

  • Age: 9
  • Nickname: None
  • Favorite Color: Forest Green
  • Favorite Food: Potato Soup
  • Hobby/Sport: Hiking
  • Personality: Sweet, Can Have a Temper When Dealing With Something She Cares Deeply About, Shy, Deeply Caring
  • Likes: Animals and Nature (Especially Flowers), Daydreaming, Pretty Things
  • Dislikes: Talking In Front Of Unfamiliar People, Bad Treatment Of Animals
  • Something She Would Say: ” It’s my dream to meet a sad and lonely bear, give him a kiss on the forehead, hand him a flower, and say, ‘You’re special’.”
  • Fun Fact: Her hair is THE best! It’s great for many hairstyles.


Tenneyson Evangeline Grant

Tenney is my seventh AG doll. I earned for her myself. She is a contemporary character.

  • Nickname: Tenney (She generally goes by this, but her real name is used too.)
  • Age: 11
  • Favorite Color: White and Light Pink
  • Favorite Food: Fried Chicken
  • Hobby/Sport: She’s a Country Music Star, Playing Guitar and Banjo, Singing
  • Personality: Confident, Kind, Hard-Working, Spirited, Competitive, Optimistic
  • Likes: Singing, Being on Stage, Music
  • Dislikes: Laziness, Wasted Time
  • Something She Would Say: “Boots? Glitter? Lace? Oh yeah, that’s my taste.”
  • Fun Fact: My sister and I raked 90 piles of leaves so that we could get dolls (Tenney being one of them) and Tenney’s Stage and Dressing Room.


Rebecca Bayla Rubin

Rebecca is my 8th AG doll. I got her for Christmas. She is a Beforever.

  • Nickname: Becca
  • Age: 9
  • Favorite Color: Purple
  • Favorite Food: Matzo Ball Soup
  • Hobby/Sport: Acting
  • Personality: Outspoken, Bold, Proud, Honest, Willful, Dramatic
  • Likes: Being The Center Of Attention, Performing, Directing Others
  • Dislikes: Not Being The Center Of Attention, Being Told What To Do
  • Something She Would Say: “Rebecca is HERE!”
  • Fun Fact: Becca’s middle name, Bayla, means beautiful.


Luciana Estelle Vega

Luciana is my 9th AG doll. I got her for my B-day. She is Girl Of The Year 2018.

  • Nickname: Luci, Luci-Goosy
  • Age: 10
  • Favorite Color: Does galaxy count?
  • Favorite Food: Freezdried Ice Cream
  • Hobby/Sport: Astronaut Training
  • Personality: Adventurous, Independent, Intelligent, Clever, Courageous
  • Likes: Everything Having to do With Space, A Challenge
  • Dislikes: Cheaters, Living in The City Where You Can’t See The Stars
  • Something She Would Say: “That’s one small step for me and one giant leap for mankind.”
  • Fun Fact: She wants to be the first doll on mars (:


My Sister’s 7 Dolls:

(The ones you might see ever so often.)

Her 1st doll (for Christmas): Marie-Grace Gardener, Age: 12. Marie is very sweet and shy.

Her 2nd doll (for birthday): Lanie Emma Holland, Age: 10. Lanie is very adventurous and loves nature.

Her 3rd doll (she earned for her): Julie Dawn Albright, Age: 11. Julie is the ultimate tomboy.
 Her 4th doll (she earned for her): Maryellen Jo Larkin, Age: 11. Ellie is girly and daring.

Her 5th doll (for birthday): Melody Anne Ellison, Age: 9. Melody is very caring and confident.

Her 6th doll (she earned for her): Chen Li Song, Age: 10. Chen is a kind girl who enjoys all types of dancing.

 Her 7th doll (for Christmas): Logan James Everett Age: 11. Logan is a confident boy drummer.


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