Meet The Barbies

The Barbies are not utilized as much on this blog, but we have quite an imaginative world for them. As the kind of doll, we probably have the most of (unless you count calico critters), I thought it would be fun to share them with you. 🙂

The Roberts:

The Roberts are sisters. Their parents died after Chelsea (the youngest) was born. They are now the most famous family in the world thanks to the oldest sister Barbie who has taken on more jobs than anyone can dream of.

Barbara (Barbie) Millicent Roberts

  • Age: 19
  • Nickname: Barbie! She literally always goes by this, on rare occasions she is called Barbara.
  • Personality: quirky, girly, energetic, kind
  • Likes: fashion, order, martial arts, her sisters
  • Dislikes: not being prepared, being insulted
  • Job: Practically everything including President (yes, I know she is 19, don’t ask me how that happened), doctor, and martial artist.
  • Fun Fact: She is the most famous person ever. Almost everything is branded with her name.

Skipper Anne Roberts

  • Age: 14
  • Nickname: Skip
  • Personality: Calm, cool, fun
  • Likes: Anything technology related, making rap songs, hanging out with friends
  • Dislikes: Wrong notes and terrible music
  • Job: She doesn’t have an official job but she is a great DJ
  • Fun Fact: Skipper is a music fanatic (You probably never guessed, huh?).

Stacie Joy Roberts

  • Age: 12
  • Nickname: Stace
  • Personality: Organized, daredevil, strict, no-nonsense
  • Likes: Park-cor, skateboarding, organized operations
  • Dislikes: Messy disorderly chaos
  • Job: None
  • Fun Fact: She usually can be found carrying a clipboard.

Chelsea Lynne Roberts

  • Age: 8
  • Nickname: Chelse
  • Personality: Tricky, witty, imaginative, girly
  • Likes: Her stuffed animals, playing with the minds of others, card games
  • Dislikes: Being tricked, losing
  • Job: None
  • Fun Fact: Chelsea has a very high IQ for her age.

The Sherwoods:

The Sherwood’s are a recently married couple. Midge is Barbies all-time best friend. Midge balances out the self-obsessed personality of Ryan (and he might be getting slowly better because of her).

Midge Hadley Sherwood

  • Age: 19
  • Nickname: None
  • Personality: Friendly, strangely almost always optimistic, humorous
  • Likes: The beach, shopping with Barbie
  • Dislikes: Bullies
  • Job: None
  • Fun Fact: She snorts when she laughs.

Ryan Jude Sherwood

  • Age: 21
  • Nickname: RY
  • Personality: Flamboyant, major extrovert, loud, opinionated
  • Likes: Himself, Midge’s laugh
  • Dislikes: Anyone who dares insult him
  • Job: Guitarest
  • Fun Fact: He likes to look in the mirror A LOT.

The Reynolds:

The Reynolds are very closely to tied to the Brooks family, Maryann (you’ll meet her later) being George’s daughter. George and Agnes now have great-grandchildren! George’s first wife Mini (and Maryann’s mother), died a few years ago and he re-married to Agnes.

George Harry Reynolds

  • Age: 77
  • Nickname: Grandpa and Great-grandpa
  • Personality: Young-spirited, prankster, happy
  • Likes: laughing, playing with grandchildren and great-grandchildren,
  • Dislikes: Sadness, grumpiness, John’s cooking
  • Job: Retired carpet cleaner
  • Fun Fact: Brian (George’s Grandson) and him share a middle name.

Agnes Joy Reynolds

  • Age: 75
  • Nickname: Agy
  • Personality: Sweet, kind, joyful, clever
  • Likes: Baking
  • Dislikes: George acting stupid
  • Job: None
  • Fun Fact: She likes to feed the birds for relaxation.

Dolls are currently being added to this page every week!

So be sure to check back soon!


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