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Mini Doll DIY Egg Chair

Hey Everyone! Today here’s a quick Craft post on how to make an egg chair for your mini dolls!


  • Supplies: 1 cotton ball, empty toilet paper roll, extra paperboard (from a cereal box possibly), scissors (not pictured), sharpie (not pictured), hot-glue gun (not pictured), and a hairless half of a coconut shell (mine came from a package of cool individual ice creams, that come in the shells/skins of actual fruit!).



  • Cut down your toilet paper roll to the height you want it. Mine was about one and a half inch tall. (1 1/2 in.)
  • I then colored it with a sharpie to make it look similar to wood. You could do color yours different though, or paint it.
  • (optional) You could paint your coconut shell so it looks different, like Julie’s egg chair. I kept mine the way it was.



  • Hot-glue the colored toilet roll to the bottom of the coconut shell.
  • Measure and cut out a rectangle of paper board, bend the end and hot-glue it behind the toilet paper roll to help the chair stand.



  • Your chair should stand on its own now. Hot-glue a cotton ball to where your mini dolls will sit for a cushion.
  • And… you have a cute little egg chair for your mini dolls! (Kinda funny to know you just made an EGG chair out of a COCONUT shell XD).


“And extremely comfortable too!” mini Caroline advertises as she sits in the chair. Samantha waits for her turn…

“The perfect little seat!” Izzy exclaims.


Hope you all liked this craft! And have a great mothers day! Moms are special.


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