New Barbie Fashionistas, Height Comparison

Hello, today I wanted to do a height comparison of new Barbie Fashionistas for 2016. I will be testing, #31, 33, and 23.

Here is #23 and 31, side by side.  They are both “Petite” Barbies, but as you can see, #31 is slightly taller. Personally, I like the variation. The reason for the difference in size might be because #23 has flatter feet than #31, making her shorter.

Finally, #23 and 33, the shortest and tallest. The #33 is a “Tall” Barbie so she is quite a bit taller compared to the petites. Also, her feet are not completely flat or high. They are somewhere in the middle. I wonder if any tall Barbies vary in height. I’m pretty sure they do. I am a fan of these new Barbies and I recommend getting some.

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