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New Dolls Q&A Answers!

‘Ello mates. Today is the Q&A answer post with the new dolls. In the last post I told you I’d be giving out a shoutout to a random commenter, so……… the winner is……………













Congrats Madison! Be sure to check out her fantastic AG doll site! She is such a super sweet commenter. <3 Thank You, Madison. 🙂

Alright now, onto the Q&A Answers with Chen, Tenney, Logan, Rebecca, and Luci! Thanks a bunch to all who commented! (My sister definitely helped with the answers for her dolls.) Questions are in bold.



Hi Chen! I got some questions for you today!

Great! Sounds fun!

From Diamond:

What’s your favorite post you’ve starred in?

I liked the Lasting Friendship Photoshoot I was in with Luci.

What’s it like living in the dollhouse?

Chaotic at times, but I love living here because of all the love and care my friends show in the end.

Have you ever been to Jewel and her sister’s actual house?

Yes! Many times!

From Madison:

What do you want to be when you grow up? 

I would love to be a famous dancer for many many styles of dance! <3

Do you like having so many siblings?

Well, I do miss my real blood brother (I am hoping to see him again someday), but my new “siblings” are great.

From Katie:

Are you adventurous?

Sorta… I like to try new things, but I’m not the most outgoing person you’ll meet.

Do you like Ninjago? If so, favorite ninja? 

YES! Everyone loves Ninjago, right?! My favorite Ninja is Zane. He is very noble and kind.

Does being Luci’s roommate get a little weird sometimes? (Like when she’s jumping up and down on your bed?)

By now… It’s pretty much normal…

Favorite cereal? 

Lucky Charms! Because who doesn’t love marshmallows?

From Mikayla:

Tomboy or Girly Girl?

I’m into dresses and pink, so pretty much girly. XD

From Emmie:

How old are you?

I am 10 years old.

What is one word you would use to describe yourself?

Hmm… how about, “Happy.”

Thank You, Chen!

You’re welcome! Bye!



Hi, Tenney ready for the questions?

Yup, lay them on me.

From Diamond:

What’s your favorite song?

Oh um… Currently, I think I really like “Hurricane” by Natalie Grant. 🙂

What differences do you have from your book character?

I think the character in the book is a little more worrisome than me. 

What’s your favorite room decoration?

I love my owl stuffed animal! Her name is Owlaina. LOL

From Katie:

Do you have any singers that you look up to?

Well, there are certainly singers that I look up to like Natalie Grant (you might have seen one of her songs is my favorite) and Francesca Battistelli, but one of the greatest singers ever, in my opinion, is Celine Dion who I can never hope to replicate.  

Instrument that you’d like to learn to play?

Well, I already know how to play the guitar and banjo. Logan has got the drums covered, so I would really like to play the piano.

Do you ever travel to perform? If so, how long are you usually gone?

Well, I haven’t gone on tour yet, but I hope too! Jewel has to be willing to let me go, which might be a slight problem. 


Haha. Yeah. 

Favorite movie? 

Hmmm… I enjoy Tangled because Rapunzel is the best. 🙂

From Mikayla:

What is your favorite thing about Logan? 

Umm… He’s really committed to his work. 

Hey! Thanks!

From Emmie:

How did you discover your passion for music?

I’ve always been intrigued by music. When I decided to take up a guitar, like me in the books, I found I had a real ear for notes. It was then I began to truly love it. I started singing later on.

How would you describe your clothing style?

Elegant country with a flair! XD

Thank you, Tenney.

No problem. 



Hey Logan! Ready for some questions?

Whenever you are ready.

From Diamond:

Do you ever feel left out as the only boy?

Ugh… Honestly, yeah. But, when they do things like talking about clothes, dolls, and other weird stuff… I do not want to be involved anyway. 

Is it annoying to live with so many girls?

Yeah… duh. Hold on a sec…….

JEWEL, more men, please! 

Logan, sit down. 

Which of the girls is the best to hang out with?

You might think I would get along with the tomboys like Julie and Kit, but we actually clash a lot because we are all pretty competitive. I tend to hang out with Rebecca and Tenney, but that’s just because Becca likes to talk to me and Tenney is my bandmate so we have to talk (she can be bossy).


Logan, how dare you!

Sorry, but it’s true!

Anyway, I think I really like the company of Chen and Luci. I find they are both fairly easy to get along with.

Aww! You get a hug for that one! 

Isn’t he the sweetest, folks? 

Luci, get off me. I’m starting to change my mind.

Who’s your favorite superhero?

Ironman! He so awesome, man…

From Katie:

Do you like sports? If so, favorite team?

Unless, you count drumming, nah… Julie’s more of the sporty person. 

Is it ever awkward to be around so many girls?

Yeah. REALLY awkward at times…

What are some things that you’re into that might surprise us?

Well… you might not know I’m into cars. I like memorizing different facts about different cars and stuff like that.

How did you and Tenney meet? Did you know each other before coming to the DN household?

Yeah. Well, I already knew about Tenney’s and my story from the books, so I knew I’d be working with her eventually. I didn’t meet her until I was in the AG store. I was pursuing my drumming career, and I ran into her one day. She looked just like the pictures I had seen of her. She said “Hey! You Logan?” I said “Yup,” and we pretty much went from there, performing in the AG store, until she was given to the DN household. I thought I would have to pursue a solo drummer career until I was assigned to the DN household a little later!

From Mikayla:

Who do you think is the craziest? 

Probably, Mckenna… she can be a little in your face. 

From Emmie:

Who inspires you to keep making music?

MYSELF. I am legit that inspiring. XD

What got you into drumming?

The books. I was literally made to be a drummer and it sounded pretty sweet so I decided I didn’t have to make the AG employees mad by NOT taking up drumming. I ended up loving it. 🙂 

Thanks so much, Logan!

Well, I was forced to do it, anyway. 



Hello Rebecca.

Hello to you too.

Ready for the Q&A?

Yes. I’m always ready for everything.

Ok sure.

From Diamond:

What’s the naughtiest thing you’ve ever done?

WHAT?! THIS is the first question?! I am disgraced! For your information, everyone is naughty at one time or another, so the only reason I’m answering this is that I am willing to humbly admit that I am not entirely flawless.

One time I think I stole a few articles of Tenney’s clothing without asking, but she found out and I apologized! 

You did? 

Yes. And even if I didn’t I am NOW. SO THERE!

Alright, let’s settle down.

Since you’re an actress, what’s your dream role?

Ahem. I would love to play a very lovely Dorothy in the Wizard of OZ. 

From Katie:

Have you ever had any acting roles?

Yes! I’m insulted! Of course, I have! Though I would like to get more main parts. Well, actually EVERY main part, because there is no one I know who is better than me. I’d be doing them a favor. 

Favorite outfit?

I adore my meet outfit! It’s just my style. 🙂

Would you rather play the hero or damsel in distress?

The hero! This actress will take no role other than the best. 

Which sister do you not get along with very well?

Julie is appalling at times. She gets on my nerves! It’s terrible! Who would do that to me?! Apparently her. 

From Mikayla:

Star on Broadway or receive a billion dollars? 

Star on Broadway of course!!! I don’t need to be given money when I can earn it with my star quality!

From Emmie:

Who would you say is your oldest friend?

Umm… Well, I’m going to say, my cousin, but we haven’t seen each other in such a long time.

Who is your closest friend?

Probably… Tenney? We share a room and so she is always there to talk to. 

Good job, Becca. You can go.

Goodbye, my public!

Here is a goodbye kiss just for you all.


Fine, I’m leaving. 



Ready Luci?

Yes! And as Count Dooku would say: I’ve been looking forward to this!

From Diamond:

Which is your favorite Star Wars character?

Oh man! That’s hard! I’m going to have to say, Darth Vader. He’s too classic to ignore. 

Have you ever been to Disney World? (You’d really like Star Tours and Mission Space)

Actually, I haven’t. (Jewel needs to get out more often.) I would love to go there though! That sounds sooooooo awesome! 

Would you rather be the first person on Mars, or to have a million dollars?

MARS FOR LIFE!!!!!!!!!

From Katie:

What’s your opinion on Pluto? Do you consider it a planet?

Hmm… interesting question. Well, I think about it this way: in the past, we have had a couple criteria on what makes a planet a planet, but when the scientists added a 3rd criteria, Pluto didn’t fit the bill. It did not have a  cleared neighborhood around its orbit. In other words, it did not have gravitational dominance. So I would not call it a planet, because it is definitely dissimilar to the other planets that we know of in that way, but it may be that in the future our definition will change. It’s all about the definition folks. If we changed it enough, you could call an asteroid a planet. XD I will call Pluto a dwarf planet though. 

Favorite planet and why?

Mars! I want to go there someday! It is so beautiful! 

Is there something you’re into that might surprise us?

Not really, I’m basically one of those people that: what you see is what you get. I’m more complex than this, but if you said I like lightsaber battles and nerding out over space facts, you wouldn’t be wrong. Wait! Well, you might not know I’m really into shiny things. Anything that shimmers is just so cool to me. IDK if that’s surprising, but whatever.

Which one of my dolls would you like to hang out with?

I would LOVE to hang out with Addy/ADDYKIN (I love that nickname) because we both love Star Wars! 

From Mikayla:

Do you wanna go up to space to see it or to experience it?

Oooh. I feel like I’ve already “seen” a lot of space in pictures and simulations, but to experience the effect of zero gravity would be amazing!

From Emmie:

Why is being the first person on Mars your goal? What keeps you determined to reach that goal?

I want to do something no one else has ever done and get to tell everyone about it. I want to be the Neil Armstrong of Mars. It’s possible! I just think about Neil and Buzz. If they could do it, so can I! 

Great job, Luci!

Thanks!!! Bye People!

That’s a wrap!

Yay! I hope you enjoyed the Q&A! If you did be sure to drop a like and a comment! Which answer did you like the best? Which doll? Bye, for now, everyone!!!



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