NEWS FOR 2018!!!

Hey guys, you might or might not know that AG has some big plans for 2018. I’m here to share some of those with you as well as some dolls I will be wanting this coming year.

GOTY 2018

First of all the Girl Of The Year, Luciana Vega is Coming out (I believe she’ll be shown tomorrow on Good Morning America). I’ve seen pictures of her and she is really cute. I am hoping to get her by the end of 2018 (but I do have a really unrealistic wishlist XD). I also like her collection which seems to center around space stuff, and I’ve even seen a leaked pic her in a space suit on Pinterest. (I will not be sharing pictures of her since American Girl Has already told another blogger not to do that. Plus she’s most likely going to be revealed officially tomorrow, so it wouldn’t be that big of a deal.) I like the uniqueness of what I’ve seen so far of her collection, and to me, that’s a big part of each Girl of the year. I didn’t care for Gabby’s collection which is one of the reasons I didn’t get her.

Boy Dolls

2018 Will Also bring us Truly Me boy dolls. Actually, they are already in stores!


CREDIT: None of the following pictures are mine. I originally saw the pictures from Kiki who got them from Rocky Top Dolls who got them from AG Update News and AG Collect on Instagram! Thanks for letting me use them, guys!!! 😉

A lot of people have expressed their upset at AG making boy dolls, but if you ask me it’s not that bad. I actually plan on getting the one with the medium skin (third one down of the close-ups). I think the boys would be useful for photo stories instead of having to dress my girl dolls as boys, etc. My Sis actually just got Logan for Christmas, which has increased my appreciation for boy dolls.

I think AG is trying to market to girls who would like to have AG boy dolls, and it is definitely possible that they are also marketing to boys, especially with their release of the “Guy Stuff” book for Boys, but I don’t see anything drastically wrong with that. If I were them I wouldn’t be directly marketing to boys (it does seem a little weird), but I’m not.

The boys have new face-molds (they resemble some of the girl molds, just with closed mouths). Their eyebrows are also bushier than the girls. I think they are quite adorable. I love the outfit the little Asian boy is wearing. Their Meet Outfits are displayed in the first picture.


I also wanted to tell you guys that I received Rebecca for Christmas!!! I LOVE HER SO MUCH! I am hoping to get a photoshoot of her up this week, but I’m sorta sick and the weather outside is freezing so we’ll see…

My doll wishlist for 2018 is as follows, in the order I’d probably get them. (I probably won’t get all of them, these are just my top dolls from AG this coming year):

  • Truly Me Boy
  • Create Your Own doll (For B-day, and made to resemble me.)
  • Truly Me #67
  • Luciana Vega


Overall, this year I want to go more diverse with my doll collection. What dolls are on your wishlist for 2018? And what do you think of AG’s updates?


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