Oh… Michaels!!! *Faints*

Hey Humanity! (Yes I was being silly with the title.) Is anyone else in love with the craft store Michaels?! If you are, definitely leave a,”Hip hip hooray!” in the comments! Anyway… I bought some AG sized things there the other day and thought I would show them to you! I recommend shopping at Michaels in person if you can, to really get the feel of the size of things. Also, shopping on there site is kinda overwhelming (WAY TOO MANY PAGE CHOICES!). LOL! Alrighty… let’s do this!

First up: these cute little clothespins ^. I had been wanting some mini clothespins for Mckenna’s back card holder board… thing (whatever it’s called). Michaels had a color variety pack, but I didn’t want the colors they had in there, so I got the plain wood ones. I am really happy the dolls can pin up many more things! (and I mean MANY, because that package came with like 100 mini clothespins). The package was about 2 or 3 bucks.

1 DOLLAR! This adorable little crate was a buck! You could get 10 for 10 bucks! How sweet is that? I got it, because it could be used for a bunch of different things. Right now it holds Saige’s sketch books. I also thought it would be a perfect little garden crate.

I also bought some letters that I plan to hang up on the wall when I get my doll house. The “A” and the “G’ were a little less than a dollar each. The “Friends” one was a little over 2 bucks.

I am happy I found a pretend plant in a pot finally, that wasn’t a bad price, or quality. It was on sale though, so I got it for around 3 bucks. It is ALL metal, even the plant itself.

I also got this little wood box^. It was also a dollar I believe. My sister pointed it out, and I loved the metal grill on the top… so I bought it.  I thought it would look cute with the dolls’ things, and was right! I painted it an extremely light pink.

I think this mini chalk board was around 1 dollar as well^. I painted the base the light pink again, and now have a message (smile you’re a doll) written on it. I think it might be good in the doll kitchen to right out the menu. Or… I could use it for the dolls’ reminders.

Finally, a cute little dresser for the dolls^. It was around 8 dollars. I had wanted this for awhile and just bought it! Yay! I’m not sure yet if it will stay where it is now…

Thanks for reading everyone! Is there something you want to buy at Michaels? I love all the doll sized finds!!! Bye for now!




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