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Our Favorite Barbies

Hiya! My sister and I have a lot of Barbie dolls, but we definitely have our favorites. Today I’m going to show those to you. (: I’ll be showing them in pairs (the ones on the left are my sister’s, and the ones on the right mine). None of them are wearing their original outfits. We had fun dressing them up.


First off we have Claire (my sister’s) and Sabrina. They are “Barbie the Look” dolls. I like their unique face molds, beautiful hair, face paint, and removable earrings. They also have more articulation than a fashionista doll would have.

These two are unusually thin though, and some normal barbie clothes just don’t fit them right. We gave them a little bit of a backstory as sisters originally from France.

Next (and probably our all-time favorites) “Made to Move Barbies” Alisha (my sister’s) and you remember Barbie. These two are incredibly articulated and can basically move just like a real person (excluding finger and toe joints).

Because they have so much movement, they can be delicate, but overall they are great. Alisha is a total tomboy and Barbie is the President of the US. (How she manages this and all her other hobbies I do not know XD.)

Currently, the fashionistas line is the best when you’re looking for a Ken doll. Wyatt (my sister’s doll) and Michael make it onto this list because they just look so cool and are our favorite Kens.

I’m still on the edge of my seat, waiting for Mattel to release a more articulated dude. PLEASE!!! Other than that they are pretty great, and I love the diversity in the entire fashionistas line overall. Wyatt is our resident videogamer, and Michael is the strong guy.

Do you have any of these dolls? Which one was your favorite? I’d love to hear what you got to say in the comments below! If you enjoyed this post be sure to give it a like, and I’ll see ya’ll soon. (: Bye for now, everyone!



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