Our New AG Dolls Review

Who doesn’t love a review? Am I right? Uh… yeah, that’s Melody. But, we will get to that later. First, let’s start with a review of Truly Me #55 (Raven).

Well here is Raven! She is a really pretty doll, with beautiful hair! Then comes the disappointment… My doll’s vinyl near the eyes actually gives a little. It is squishy-ish (that is sooooo not a word, LOL). I am kinda upset at AG, and will probably not buy another Truly Me doll.

Well, the rumors are true. A lot of them were about Tenney, but they pretty much apply to the Truly Me dolls as well.

The dress is a sturdy purple fabric. As I said before: the Truly Me doll dress is not the best looking, but it is still quality.

At the base of the dress, there are two layers of tulle material. I actually appreciate the dress more now that I had a closer look.

The gray belt has a touch of silver and is sadly sewn on.

There are some blue embroidered stars near the top, and another tulle layer with embellishments.

The back of the dress secures with velcro. That’s fine.

The shoes are a simple blue with silver glitter dots.

Raven’s hair actually is made up of a few colors (hard to see here) and has a wave to it. It sorta reminds me of Saige’s hair which I LOVE. It is very soft. She actually might look like she has a larger head of hair in the pictures than she really does, but nonetheless it’s really pretty.

Her face…

Her freckles…

Same opening and closing eyes… her eyes are hazel.

She has Kit’s freckle pattern, and her fabric is a bit different from the other dolls I have had. Not as quality it seems.

She has a zip tie neck, and her head seems pretty sturdily held in. The neck can be considered a negative though since you can’t tighten the head in the future.

OK…I do not like this, she has the new sewn on underwear! Silly me, didn’t think to check the box before getting her to see if AG had already started sewing the underwear on their dolls. Yep, they have. LOL, the dangling AG tag just hangin’ out.

The back… They don’t even seem to go high enough.

So that’s Raven, and I was a sourpuss about the changes AG had made, that’s one reason I didn’t get Tenney. But, she is still a great doll, even through the disappointments. A plus, Raven is really photogenic.

My sis got MELODY! Finally an African American to add to our collection. She also has opening and closing eyes. They are a deep brown.

She has plain white socks and shiny blue shoes with the same color bows.

REMOVEABLE underwear!


 (That was fun. 😜)



Her dress velcros closed, and thankfully she has the old quality body material.  She has a zip tie neck as well.

Her dress is very quality, the bows on it are  just ribbons.

Her hair is actually not silky… it’s textured. It is pretty cool still and realistic. Her semi-short hair has a flip at the end.

So That’s Melody and Raven! Hope you liked them and that this review was useful to you. Comment below which doll you want next. Is it an American girl, or something else? Tell me.


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