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Our New American Girl Doll Kitchen!

Hey everybody! You saw our new dollhouse kitchen remodel a little, but I thought I’d give you a bit of a more in-depth tour today! I’ll be linking this post to the Meet the AG dolls page. See our old kitchen HERE. It wasn’t much of a kitchen then, but now it looks much more like it should.

My sister bought the blue “My Life As” kitchen for $50 at Walmart. It came with a few accessories, but the rest of the stuff we had. Today, I have her doll Chen to show it to you, as well as Chen’s Pomeranian puppy.

Over to the left, we have a dining table and stools, as well as my American Girl styling caddy, with some things relating to Grace’s Patisserie (I spelled that right the first time! XD).

Here is a closer look at our table set up. The “silverware” and salt and pepper shakers came with the new kitchen set.

On the right of the room, we have a set up for Grace’s business. It can also function as a breakfast table.

The new fridge turns on a light and makes ice making sounds when you press the button in its “water dispenser.”

We’ve already put some food in the fridge.

The “freezer” compartment was just a really deep draw so I added a box to help divide up space.

The dishwasher opens and has racks.

The oven opens as well an has a tray you can slide out.

Our AG crockpot went amazingly well with the new kitchen. 2 of the stove tops light up and make sounds when you push a button.

We found out that a small basket for the dishwasher made a great drying rack for the sink.  My sister made the bar of soap out of clay and the sponge came with the new set.

There is a place to hang the kitchen utensils. The window picture can flip for a change of look, it also comes with an extra insert.

There is a cabinet above holding some bowls and plates.

There is also a super cute microwave that opens with fake button decals.

Sooooo… what do you think of the new kitchen? Bye, for now, everyone!



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