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    My Blogger Recognition Award

    Oh wow everyone! I know this is coming right after my previous post, but I got some news! I was nominated for THE BLOGGER RECOGNITION AWARD by the blogger from AG’s Wondrous World! (https://agswondrousworld.wordpress.com/)   Here are the Requirements for the nominated blogger for this award: Thank the blogger who nominated you. Give some history about how you started your blog. Give two pieces of blogging advice. Nominate 15 bloggers. (And, this is not an official requirement but, you should probably copy the image above and paste it into your blog post if you can.)   So First I will Thank the girl at AG’s Wondrous World For considering ME!…

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    How Permapanties Are Exchanged, And A Visit To The AG Store

    Hi guys! Guess what…………… you might have guessed by the title, that I got Raven’s body changed so that she can have removable underwear! To do this I went to the Dallas American Girl store with my Dad. So let’s dive in! So below are the pictures you might have seen before of Raven’s permapanties: So here is what we had to do:     My dad and I walked around and asked where we could take our doll to get the permanent underwear replacement. A few AG employees weren’t sure exactly what we were talking about. Downstairs though, we found a lady (I think she was some sort of…

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    No More Permapanties!!!!!!!!

    OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!!!!!!! AG has heard us! Starting today no dolls will be manufactured with Permapanties!!!!! But that’s not all! Read what they said for yourself:   **An Important Update for Our Customers** “We love and appreciate our dedicated American Girl fan community, and we take our role in listening and responding to your feedback very seriously. In recent months, many of you have shared your thoughts on how we can continue delivering the great products you’ve come to expect from us. We’ve heard you, and we will be implementing two changes as a result. “First, we will be reverting to the separate underwear design for all of our 18-inch…

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    Raven’s REY Photo Story

    Hey all! AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! I love STAR WARS!!!! Sorry… LOL. Turns out, Raven does too. (: So she took me up on my offer to dress up as one of her favorite characters from Star Wars for a photo story! And that would be… REY! It was nice because, she is the only doll that AG makes right now that looks most similar to REY (minus the freckles and she would be perfect). Raven’s REY outfit was all made by your’s truly, and with things I found around the house. I didn’t want to buy one from Etsy because they are all CRAZY expensive!   Here is a pic of Rey from the…

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    The Beach With Grace Photoshoot

    Hi Guys! After you see this post you’re going to think Grace is MEANT to be on the beach. It might look good, but the wind was not liking me! Poor Grace kept falling. ): Sorry Grace. LOL. Hope you like it! Small doll Big chair. LOL “Hi Ducks!” I like the boats in the background. I like this one. For this last one, I was experimenting with my Camera and an extra lens. I zoomed all the way out, and you get this.^^^ So… what did you think? Does the beach flatter Grace or what?!

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    Mini Doll DIY Egg Chair

    Hey Everyone! Today here’s a quick Craft post on how to make an egg chair for your mini dolls!   Supplies: 1 cotton ball, empty toilet paper roll, extra paperboard (from a cereal box possibly), scissors (not pictured), sharpie (not pictured), hot-glue gun (not pictured), and a hairless half of a coconut shell (mine came from a package of cool individual ice creams, that come in the shells/skins of actual fruit!).     Cut down your toilet paper roll to the height you want it. Mine was about one and a half inch tall. (1 1/2 in.) I then colored it with a sharpie to make it look similar to…

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    Coconut Photoshoot

    Coconut has gone through many remakes by AG. But, I have to say, the most recent one is my favorite. She’s now retired (I don’t know why), but she is my favorite AG dog that I have. When I get all my animals together I’ll introduce you to all of them. Until then… here’s Coconut! It is hard not to say AWWWWWWW! Right?! Even though she’s not real! LOL   One thing I’ll say is, “Pulling off a nice photoshoot inside is difficult! (Especially when there is not a whole lot of natural light around.)”  And that’s my quote for today…

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    Hair Bow Hairstyle

    As seen in Doll Notebook’s “Spring Pink and White Photoshoot” Raven’s Hair Bow Hairstyle! It’s about time I did another hairstyle. Our internet is finally working, thanks for hangin’ in there. You can expect some more regular posting by me now.   Start by brushing your dolls hair out. Then tie your doll’s hair into a pony, leaving two equally sized pieces of hair on the front sides. the middle should contain about as much hair as the two sides ones would combined.     Bring the two side sections to the back. Tie the into a pony  above the first one.     Round the top pony into a…

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    Spring White and Pink Photoshoot

    It has been so gorgeous outside lately! I decided to dress my dolls, concentrating on the white and then some pink accents. I also did their hair really nice. The weather was pretty windy, but I managed to pull off one of my favorite photoshoots yet! Hope you enjoy! Kit Grace Raven Next, they all sat on the grass. After that, I decided to shoot them individually. Then they all went exploring. Raven of course immediately went to the nearest climbable tree. Kit found an old wooden board to walk on. Grace said she’d better not get her white dress dirty, so she stood by a pole and posed for…

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    The Goodbye: Madison From The Delightful World of Dolls

    Easter has come and gone, but it still seems like it was yesterday. Madison, from Delightful World of Dolls, has requested me to share, an Easter stop motion video she made with her AG dolls!   I personally found it very sweet, and very well done! It is about the true reason we celebrate Easter: Jesus! It has some humor too! It was great!   How did you like it? Thanks, Madison!