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    Daring To Be Caring, A Photo Story

    Hello Everyone, today I have another photo story for you. I hope you enjoy it! I think it is pretty good! I did have some troubles in making it. It was super hot when I took the pictures, and when making it, some of it didn’t save at first. LOL! Have fun reading! “Today, is an exciting day for doll kind. Miss Margret Kittredge, embarks an a daring adventure into the wild woods.” Kit narrated pretending to be a reporter. She slung her camera bag over her arm. Well, at least she wanted to have an adventure. All she hoped was that Raven wouldn’t slow her down. Raven had asked…

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    WHAT OTHER TOY?!?!?!?! I know, I know, that title might be a smidge more menacing than I wanted, but… oh well. So today is just 1 post about one of my other favorite toys of all time: LEGO!!!!! “Uh… Jewel,” you say, “that technically doesn’t fall into the doll category…” Yes, but I BEG you to try to squeeze in the possibility, this ONE time at least, that Lego mini-figures could be considered dolls. *winces* Maybe. Because Lego is just… AWESOME! Ok, you know I love Lego, that’s why I’m doing this, and I have been getting into Lego minifig photography. I also told you at the very end of Raven’s…

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    Caroline’s Thrift Store Finds!

    Bonjour doll lovers! (I’m sticking with the around the world greetings I guess, LOL). Caroline is always great with making the most of her money. And what better way to do that than shopping for things at thrift stores! You can find REALLY cool stuff sometimes guys! So today I’m going to let Caroline show you some of our favorite Thrift Store finds! Here’s Caroline: Hello! I’m Caroline, and I’m so excited to share some of our great finds at thrift stores, all probably around 50 cent to a dollar! So let’s jump right in, shall we?! This clock is so cute! It looks like a little house. It really…

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    Raven’s Pink Dress (A Photoshoot)

    ‘Ello readers. (I’m trying to mix up my greetings, guess I’m going for Australian…) Wow, this was a little too late in the day to be published to my liking. Sorry guys, I spaced it. Well, I recently got this BEAUTIFUL Pink Lace Dress for my AG dolls! With Raven back, OF COURSE SHE IS GOING TO HAVE A PHOTOSHOOT! (DUH!) She did the dress justice! I hope you enjoy these photos! So what’s your favorite picture? Do you like this dress? YAY! I’m very happy to have her back (and rocking this dress I might add).   BTW HERE’S AN EARLY: HAPPY 4TH OF JULY EVERYONE! LET’S CELEBRATE OUR COUNTRY! 

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    Dolls Are Cool Photoshoot

    Hello Guys! Has anyone ever told you dolls aren’t cool? Well, here are Mckenna and Julie to disprove that notion, LOL. I really like the brick backdrop. Hope you liked it! Mckenna and Julie are two awesomely cool dolls!!! Which Pic is your favorite?

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    Raven is Home!

    HURRAY!!!!!!!!!! You read it right! Raven is HOME!!!!!!! And I’m going to show you how she came to me! But first, a cute picture of Kit hugging Raven, and welcoming her home. When we got THE BOX, I grabbed the camera, the scissors, and the sister (LOL, MY sister), for Raven’s grand entrance. I opened the box to this ^. So she basically arrives in a white AG box with a hospital gown. I LOVE THE WHITE BOX! It can be used for furniture and I don’t even have to cover it up. Her neck was secured with elastic, and the feet with rubber-bands. Her hair was in a pony.…

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    The Sisters Tag!

    Hey Guys! Believe it or not, I just got another Tag! Thank you to Diamond from WORLD OF AG DOLLS! I am so excited you picked me! This looks fun! HERE IS A BUTTON TO DIAMOND’S BLOG: Diamond picked Kit and Saige to do this! They are stoked! I am too. Technically the aren’t “sisters” per say, but they might as well be! All my dolls are super close! So I can’t wait to do this! The Rules:   Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link back to their blog. Answer the eleven questions given, and have your sister do the same for you. This way, we…

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    Meet My “Pets”

    So see how PETS is in quotations in the title? That’s cuz I actually mean My American Girl doll pets! I said I would introduce you to them when I got them, and I am staying true to my word! Ready to meet ’em? Cooper Cooper is Mckenna’s Labradoodle dog. He is quite haughty, but he would do anything for Mckenna. He can be naughty as well, but who could stay mad at that cute puppy face. Inkpot Caroline’s calm cat has no worries. He is serious, and prefers to be alone, than surrounded by others. He could always go for a back rub from Caroline, though. He is witty…

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    Caroline’s Barn Photoshoot

    Hello! So today is a photoshoot of Caroline. Since Mckenna AND Saige just got one, it’s definitely time for Caroline’s time in the spotlight. Do you think Caroline looks cute in a barn? I LOVE this setting!!! It is sad she is retired now… It seems like a lot of the Beforever characters that represent a time period NOT in the 1900’s are not as popular. That is probably why Addy is soon retiring… Well, I think Caroline represents a great time period, and as my second doll, she is still lookin’ good!

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    Saige And Picasso Photoshoot

    Saige went riding on Picasso, and I followed camera and all to take a photoshoot. I REALLY like how it came out, and I hope you do too! Oh! BTW Be sure to check out the “Meet The Dolls Page” if you haven’t very recently. It has been updated quite a bit! Let me know what you think of it! “I love you, Picasso.”     Which one is your favorite? I am so happy to have Saige AND Picasso back!