Part 1, The Treasure of Lady Travier

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Hey wonderful people! Today starts the beginning of my 1st “choose the way” photo story series! If you would like to know more about how it works, I strongly suggest you read my PREVIOUS POST. I’m not going to chat your head off today, so here it is!

It was not unusual for me. I had worked with high society much in the past. I always felt comfortable around those type of people, because I was a person not easily intimidated. I liked my work, and besides, France was beautiful this time of year.

When the maid walked me through the Mansion of Lady Travier, I felt nothing unusual. I was simply an American Detective, on yet another mission.

“Right this way, Mr. Malcome.” The French maid led me into another room.

“Miss Travier, the detective, Mr. Malcome, is here to see you.”

I took off my hat and bowed out of courtesy.

“Ah yes,” Lady Travier seemed relieved, “Please sir, have a seat.”


“Tea Ma’am?” The maid inquired.

“No Dear, thank you.”

The maid nodded and left us.

I situated myself comfortably in the chair and waited patiently for Miss Travier to begin.

“Well, I suppose you know, but I have…” she broke off, “lost something of very great value to me.”

“Yes, Madame, may I inquire what it might be that someone stole from you?”

She seemed startled, “Oh, I’m afraid not. It is TOP secret information, I’m afraid.”

“I see, well would I not discover what is when I find it?”

“Yes, but I mustn’t risk the information until then. That is why I hired another American detective to go with you. I don’t trust the information in the hands of a single person.”

I nodded. I had known this as well.

Oh, this is a very awful situation.” She trembled, “I am getting married to the king of France in a few days time. I must have… it… back by then. It is very, very important to me.”

I sighed. I was trying to be kind but it could be difficult to not know what I was looking for.

“Any clues you could give me?” I asked.

“Oh! Yes!” She seemed happy to be of more use, “I can tell you that you will have found it when you see it is marked by a pink jem, but that is all.”

“Wonderful. I can work with that.” I said more pleased.

“My other detective has found some fingerprints already. I’ll have her introduced to you now.” She waved her hand to the other room.

In shock. I stood up immediately when the detective entered the room. “Opal Davis.”

“Hello, Dexter.”

Without a moment’s hesitation, I turned to Lady Travier, “I do work better alone, Madame.”

“You know this lady, Mr. Malcome?”

“Yes, I do,” I replied looking straight at Opal.

“We’ve worked together Ma’am,” she told Miss Travier.

“Dex, I should talk with you about some things. Join me for a stroll in the yard?”

I sighed. “Alright then, let’s hear what you have to say, Miss Davis.”

Back outside, I was not feeling as good as when I had first come. In fact, I was quite upset. Luckily, I controlled my temper well.


She stopped walking so I did the same.

“Look Dex, you an I both know we are the best detectives anyone is ever going to get.” She said pointing at my chest.

I pushed her hand away. “That is debatable.”

“When have I never completed a mission?” She insisted. “Never. I always do my job.”

“Yeah, well in my eyes, a good detective doesn’t almost kill her companions to get the pay all to herself.”

“What? Maybe I like the profit but I never tried to kill you.”

“Oh? And what do you call almost drowning me?”

“It wasn’t my fault the dam exploded, Dex.”

“Yeah well, you could have tried to rescue me you know.”

“Alright, maybe… I have taken the dough for myself a few times. I know I have, but Dex, that’s not going to happen this time. I’ve changed. We can’t change this. We have to trust each other.”

I turned away. “I don’t know Opal, I don’t want to end up on the edge of the cliff again.” I was quiet a moment.

She broke the silence, “Dex, look at me.” I didn’t listen, “Dex, I don’t know how to make you believe me, but that’s not going to happen this time or… ever again. Hey, we have to trust each other. Dex? Dex?”

I sighed.

The end of part 1!

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