Part 2, The Treasure of Lady Travier

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Hey people! Ready to see which vote won from last week’s part? I’ll let you read it to find out. Also, I should have thought of this before, but if ever the vote comes to a tie I’ll be asking my sister to be the deciding vote.

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Alright on to part 2!

I turned back to Opal Davis.

I took a deep breath. “Opal… listen… If we have to trust each other we both have to be trustworthy… and one of us has proven not to be.”

There were a few moments of silence before she spoke quietly. “Ok… um… right… sure. I get it. I don’t know if our employer will be pleased. You’ll uh… have to ask Lady Travier about it, you know.”

“Yeah,” I sighed resuming the stroll on my own, “I know.”

Lady Travier, with much regret, ended up letting me go on the mission separately, but she insisted that we both work on it even though we would not be working as a team.

“Oh great,” I thought, “Now Opal is my competition.”

The following day, I returned to the mansion of Lady Travier. The maid was instructed to lead me to the room where the Lady’s treasure had been kept.

“Here we are, Mr. Malcome.”

I looked around the room. “This looks like a little girl’s bedroom,” I said to the maid.

“That is because it is, Sir. It is the room of Lady Travier’s daughter whom she had with her husband who is now dead. You might not have known this. The Lady prefers not to be called a widow because it brings back terrible memories for her of her husband. Everything is untouched from the day Lady Travier’s treasure was stolen.”

“Untouched you say? I assume the daughter has been relocated to keep it this way?”

“Y-yes, Sir. The Lady knew you needed everything as it was.”

I caught sight of some expensive jewelry, “My… the thief didn’t bother to take even this priceless pearl bracelet.”

I looked at the maid and said carefully. “The item must have been very valuable indeed.”


She choked, “O-oh yes, extremely valuable.”

I raised an eyebrow. I knew it would be unwise to trick the maid into telling me what it was, so I backed off. “Well,” I began again, “If I do not know what I am looking for, the best place to start would be who did it. I’ll dust the room for  fingerprints now.”

“Oh, I’m afraid, Miss Davis has done that already, Sir, and the only prints she found out of the ordinary, were on a locket.”

“A locket? Where is it then?”

“She took it with her, Sir.”

“Of course…” I sighed. There was a pause, “Well, I guess I’ll try dusting anyway.”

The maid nodded. “Do all that you need, Sir.” She exited the room.

After a few hours of work, I could not find any fingerprints out of the ordinary. I sat on the bed to think.

“The locket…” I whispered to myself, “Is the only way.”

The next morning I paced back and forth in my Paris hotel room. I knew I could not risk my pride and beg Opal to let me have the locket.

I seated myself. There has to be some other way. Someone knocked on the door, interrupting my thoughts. “Come in,” I said.

I was absolutely surprised when Opal walked in.

“Hi,” She smiled shyly.

I stood up to greet her, “Oh! What.. uh… brings you here?” I asked not unkindly.

She placed her purse on my chair. “I… um… came to ask how the case is coming?”

“It’s…” I hesitated, “going fine so far.”

“Oh… uh… have you possibly discovered who the thief is yet?”

The tension rose, “Um… No, actually. Have you?” I inquired as if I didn’t know.

She smiled slightly. “Don’t act like that, Dex. I’m sure you know that I have.”

“Well, congratulations.” I tried to be unbothered.

“Thank you,” she responded coolly, “but do know, I found the locket before you came to Paris.”

“Ah yes… Miss Travier said you had found some prints.”

She nodded. “Well anyway, I brought you a present.”

I shook in surprise, “What?”

“A present,” She repeated, pulling a box out of her purse.

She handed it to me, “Here it is.”

I took it under my arm. “It’s not my birthday,” I explained still stunned.

“Oh really?” She asked sarcastically, “I wouldn’t know. You’ve never told me when it was.”

With that, she turned and left with me glancing quizzically after her.

Immediately, I got up and put the gift on the bed.

I opened it. “Oh, Opal Davis,” I sighed.

There was the locket. On top, there was a note that read: Meet me at the Paris Tea Shop 8 pm for more info.

“Oh, these had better be the right fingerprints, Opal,” I said to myself.

Later, after scanning them in, I knew right away: they were. Now, I had to decide if I fancied some tea.

The end of part 2!

Yes, choice #2 won the vote last time. 🙂 I loved how you all seemed to put some thought behind you’re vote. I could tell where you were coming from, and it might have inspired other voters too!

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