Part 3, The Treasure of Lady Travier

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Hey you! I am posting this on a Wednesday because I was honestly too tired yesterday to post, but don’t worry, you still have 3 days to comment! Last part, option #1 won, so Dexter is going to meet Opal at the Tea shop! I hope you’ll enjoy this next part! <3

I decided, if Opal could give me any more information it would be in my best interest, so I decided to meet her at the Paris Tea Shop that night. When I stepped in, there she was waiting.

I sat down.

“There you are.” She smiled.

“I see you bought me a cup of tea…” I sighed.

“I’m nice like that. Did you bring my gift?” she asked.

I pulled the locket out of my pocket. “Yeah. Here it is.”

“Woah!” She exclaimed. “Gentle with the prints.”

“Relax… I already know who they belong to. Someone named… uh… Julia Burdett.”

Opal pulled out a picture from under her teacup. “Yep, and I got the photo of her.”

Handing it to me, she continued, “We need to inquire if Lady Travier recognizes her.”

“We?” I asked.

“Yeah,” she answered, “seems more than fair, after I gave you those prints. Plus I have access to all the security cameras in the city, so we can spot this Julia person if she’s still here.”

“Ok… well that is helpful… How come you want to work with me so bad?”

She paused a moment. “I just… want to make things right.”

I sighed and was quiet a moment. “Alright, well, I’m not making promises, but we can go talk to Lady Travier Tomorrow morning.”

“Fantastic,” she smiled.

“Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m tired,” I said.

I got up to leave.

“Wait!” Opal called, “Aren’t you going to drink your tea?”

“Opal,” I called back without stopping to look, “I never really liked tea…”


The next day Opal and I met Lady Travier in the Garden.

“We need to see if you can recognize the suspect,” Opal was explaining.

She held out the photo to Lady Travier.

“Oh My!” The Lady gasped.

“Madame, do you recognize her?” I inquired.

“Yes,” the lady nodded, “She is my tailor, but she is getting ready to go on Holiday. She doesn’t reside in my house but only comes ever so often for my fittings. Why do you suspect her?”

“Her fingerprints were the only ones out of the ordinary in the room,” I said.

Opal’s phone started to ring. “Excuse me for a moment,” she said.

“Of course Miss Davis,” the lady replied.

When Opal left she turned to me, “You are working together now?”

I looked away, “No, Madame… we are just… collecting the same information at the same time.”

“I see…” The Lady sighed.

Opal came rushing back, “It was about the case! Julia Burdett was sighted as the Paris Train Station.”

I turned to Lady Travier. “Pardon us, Madame, we should be going.”

“Of course, Mr. Malcome,” She nodded.

We arrived at the station. “Ok let’s look around for her,” I told Opal.

“That’s what I’m doing,” she rolled her eyes.

“Hey!” I cheered, ignoring Opal, “does that look like her?”

“Yeah!” Opal looked in the same direction,”It is!”

“Let’s go.”

We made our way through the crowd.

“Ma’am!” I yelled and she stopped in her tracks.

She stared at me. “Yes?”

I pulled out my badge, “I’m detective Dexter Malcome and this is detective Opal Davis. We’re here on an assignment by Lady Travier. Are you acquainted with her?”

“Yes, Sir. I’m the Madame’s tailor.”

“So you’re name is Julia Burdett?” I asked.

“Yes…” she seemed confused.

“We need to ask you some questions,” Opal put plainly.

“What? May I ask why?” She pleaded.

“We have reason to suspect you took something of great value from your employer,” I stated.

“I would never do such a thing!” She claimed, “Now, pardon me, I am going to miss my train!”

She started walking away.

“Ma’am wait!” Opal yelled.

Quickly, I grabbed Julia’s arm, “Please stay.”

Opal circled around in front of her.

“Let go of me!” Mrs. Burdett cried.

“I’m sorry Ma’am, but your actions are making you seem even more suspect.” I tried to put kindly.

“I said, LET GO OF ME!” She yanked her arm away and backed toward the wall.

I started to survey her.

“Ma’am,” Opal explained, “We don’t want you to miss your train, but if you want to hurry, please do not protest.”

It was then I noticed something on the bag under her arm. It was the pink gem Lady Travier said would mark the Treasure!

“Ma’am,” I was stern now, “may I ask what’s in that bag?”

“Stop it! No!” She shoved the small bag into her lager one.

“Listen we don’t want to upset you!” I said.

She dropped it. “Fine!” She cried, “Take it!”

I bent down to pick it up.

“DEX!” Opal yelled.

When I rose up, I froze.

“Too slow?” Julia asked.

Julia smiled slyly, holding a dagger to Opal.  “Alright, Mr. Dexter, hand over the bag or…”

“… little Miss Opal gets hurt.”


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#1: Dexter should give up the bag to Julia Burdett to save Opal. 

#2: Dexter should try and knock the dagger out of Julia’s hands, which could go right… or wrong. 

#3: (If you’re really, really cruel) Dexter should run away with the bag. 

Remember, you only have 3 days to comment your vote!

I can’t believe I gave you the last option! Still, it could go anyway… Did you like part 3? What was your favorite thing about it? You decide what happens does next! If you enjoyed, slam that like button! 🙂 Bye, for now, everyone!



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  • Katie

    Oh my gosh, I’m so terrible, I almost feel awful for picking this option, but #3. Why am I SO drawn to that choice?! If Opal dies then I will no joke blame myself, I will probably cry XD this part is awesome! I love Opal’s reaction to Dex saying that he doesn’t like tea XD
    -Katie 🙂

    • Jewel

      WOW! That’s totally fine. I’m going to have to think of something creative if 3 wins! This is actually pretty cool to see the directions my readers would like the story to go in. LOL Thanks, Katie!


      • Katie

        XD Yeah I was thinking about it last night, and I think the reason I was so drawn to #3 is because of how unexpected that choice was. I’ve seen it when a book or movie characters will just drop the prize that the bad guy wants to try to save their friend, and I’ve seen trying to knock the knife out of their hand. But goodness gracious just running away?! That’s quite an unexpected twist! I about fell off the couch when I read it! And I think just the realization for Dexter that he just left her with someone putting a knife to her neck, basically leaving her to die as she left him, would be interesting. So I think that is why I was drawn to that choice, I can’t wait to see how it plays out! I was telling my mom about this series and she really wants to read it too ☺This comment is really long LOL
        -Katie 🙂

        • Jewel

          Aww, man! You’re making me really want to do it now! XD Yes, it is most definitely the craziest choice, which makes it attractive. It seems that #2 is winning currently, but a lot of people were leaning to #3. #1 has zero votes. It is probably the least interesting and been done enough times in other things. LOL You almost fell off the couch?! I shouldn’t think that’s funny, but… XD Thanks for telling you Mom, and thanks for that cool insight, Katie!


    • Jewel

      XD XD Oh My! I didn’t know so many people would think 3 was the way to go! LOL Well, whatever happens I’m prepared to work with it. But, thanks for being nice to Opal. XD

      • Faye Rose

        You are so welcome!
        I know you don’t have the heart to kill Opal…Unless she’s evil…Which is a possiblity. You totally ruined my theory that it’s her child. But that’s okay! My new theory is that it’s Lady Travier’s ring or necklace or earrings or bracelet from someone important, like her husband (if she has one) or mother.

  • Emmie

    Awesome job! Aaaand, hm, that’s a tough one. I know if I did option #1 I’d be throwing my vote away because no one else has done it and the characters don’t seem like they would give in, and option #2 sounds awesome, but I kinda wanna see how #3 plays out, LOL! I think I’ll go with…2!
    ~A very indecisive Emmie

  • Lydia P.

    I feel like Dexter would totally choose #3, especially in a stressful moment like this, so I’m going to have to pick that one. It is so cold of him though! This series is great so far, I can’t wait to see how it turns out!

  • thehuman14

    Ouch. Dude, that’s cold, but I guess #1 is the most likely course of action… JK. I really want to #3! I really like Opal but … I kinda feel like she would do the same thing, in this situation. I just really hope Opal doesn’t die. 🙁
    ~ The Human

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