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Q&A With the New Dolls + Win a Shout-out!

Hey! You read it right! I’m having a Q&A with the new dolls!

A little while back, my sister and I (over just a few months) bought/received 5 American Girl Dolls. I’m not sure if you guys felt a little overwhelmed (I did, which is why I will probably not be asking for a doll for Christmas).  Anyway, I thought it would be cool if we could learn a little bit more about each one together.

I have also decided to spice it up, with a chance to win a shout-out!

The dolls, of course, are:






How to do it:

  1. Comment below asking questions to the dolls (specify which doll/dolls you are asking, please).
  2. If you do that you’ll automatically be entered to win a SHOUT-OUT in next week’s answer post! The winner will be chosen randomly and you have up to Monday the 15th to comment!
  3. I don’t think questions for the dolls could get too personal to me, but please no asking where they live exactly, etc.
  4. Most importantly: EVERY QUESTION COUNTS. ❤️ Don’t worry if you can’t come up with many or if you think yours are not creative. They are all fun to answer!

Get asking! If you enjoyed this post, why not drop a like? I’ll see you in the comments! Bye for now, everyone!



  • Diamond @

    To Logan- Do you ever feel left out as the only boy? Is it annoying to live with so many girls? Which of the girls is the best to hang out with? Who’s your favorite superhero?

    To Rebecca- What’s the naughtiest thing you’ve ever done? Since you’re an actress, what’s your dream role?

    To Chen- What’s your favorite post you’ve starred in? What’s it like living in the dollhouse? Have you ever been to Jewel and her sister’s actual house?(I hope that made sense)

    To Tenney- What’s your favorite song? What differences do you have from your book character? What’s your favorite room decoration?

    I hope these will be fun!

  • Katie

    Oh! I love Q&A posts! Ok,

    For Logan,
    Do you like sports? If so, favorite team?
    Is it ever awkward to be around so many girls?
    What are some things that you’re into that might surprise us?
    How did you and Tenney meet? Did you know each other before coming to the DN household?

    Do you have any singers that you look up to?
    Instrument that you’d like to learn to play?
    Do you ever travel to perform? If so, how long are you usually gone?
    Favorite movie?

    Have you ever had any acting roles?
    Favorite outfit?
    Would you rather play the hero or damsel in distress?
    Which sister do you not get along with very well?

    Are you adventurous?
    Do you like Ninjago? If so, favorite ninja? (LOL sorry, couldn’t resist XD)
    Does being Luci’s roommate get a little weird sometimes? (Like when she’s jumping up and down on your bed?)
    Favorite cereal?

    What’s your opinion on Pluto? Do you consider it a planet?
    Favorite planet and why?
    Is there something you’re into that might surprise us?
    Which one of my dolls would you like to hangout with?

    Hope those will be fun to answer!
    -Katie 🙂

  • Mikayla

    Hi!!!! This is for Luci: Do you wanna go up to space to see it or to experience it? This is for Logan: Who do you think is the craziest? This is for Rebecca: Star on Broadway or receive a billion dollars? This is for Tenney: What is your favorite thing about Logan? This is for Chen: Tomboy or Girly Girl, That’s it! I’m sorry if they’re bad! BTW- I love your blog!

  • Emmie

    Logan – Who inspires you to keep making music? What got you into drumming?
    Chen – How old are you? What is one word you would use to describe yourself?
    Luci – Why is being the first person on Mars your goal? What keeps you determined to reach that goal?
    Tenney – How did you discover your passion for music? How would you describe your clothing style?
    Rebecca – Who would you say is your oldest friend? Who is your closest friend?

    This Q&A looks so fun, I can’t wait to see all of the dolls’ answers!
    ~Emmie &

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