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Rebecca’s Thanksgiving Game Show

HELLO THERE! – Obi-Wan Kenobi

How are you? Thanksgiving is coming up and I’m super excited. We have most of this week off of school and today we are going to go with our friends somewhere fun then go see the new Grinch movie.

I found that when I can think of a creative idea for a post, it ends up being one of my favorites. So today Rebecca brings you (a very odd) Thanksgiving Game Show that she invented herself! I hope you like the photo story!

Rebecca: Hello my public! Welcome to my Thanksgiving Game Show! I’m your host Rebecca Rubin!

Rebecca: We have two contestants with us today: Julie Albright and Margret Kittredge! Say hello.

Kit: Hi, I’m Margret Kittredge but I prefer to be called Kit. I am an excellent writer, photographer, and daredevil if I say so myself.

Julie: I’m Julie and you wish you knew me.

Rebecca: Here is how the game goes: I will ask a question regarding Thanksgiving and whoever rings this bell first gets to try for the answer. If they get it right, they get a point. Whoever gets the most points wins a special surprise prize!!!

Rebecca: But… before we start: Julie, NO sunglasses and headphones allowed.

Julie: HEY! You have no right!

Rebecca: It’s my game show. I make the rules.

Julie: Where are you taking them?! I better get them back!

Rebecca throwing Julie’s things in the trash: Yes, yes.

Rebecca: Let the show begin!!! The first question is: “WHAT ARE YOU THANKFUL FOR?”


Rebecca: Oh, come on! Someone answer!

Kit: Well aren’t these questions supposed to be objective? Like, there isn’t one right answer to that. So, how do I know if I get it right?

Julie: Yeah…

Rebecca: UGH! Just answer the question.


Kit: Um… food, family, and my BFF Julie?

Buzzer sound

Rebecca: WRONG!!!

Kit: What?! I gave, like… multiple answers!

Rebecca: The correct answer is: Rebecca Rubin! Because everyone who has ever met me knows their lives would never be the same without me.

Julie mumbling: You got that right.

Kit: WHAT?! Are you kidding me?! What kind of an answer is that?!

Julie: Yeah Rebecca, Kit deserves a point for that one!

Rebecca: NO, that is the one and only answer.

Rebecca: Time for the next question!

Kit: Oh great…

Julie: Here we go again…


Julie: Oh uh… hey, an actually good question! I got this I think.


Julie: In 1621. It was for the colony’s first successful harvest. The Pilgrims and the Native Americans celebrated what we call the first Thanksgiving.

Kit: Wow… you actually pay attention in school.

Buzzer sound

Rebecca: WRONG AGAIN!!!

Rebecca: Everyone should know you can’t truly have a Thanksgiving without…


Julie: EXCUSE ME?! Who do you think you are?!

Kit: Seriously?! That was not fair! This is the worst game show ever.

Rebecca: Well, I’m SORRY I can’t change reality.

Kit: THE ONLY REASON I’m staying here, is because I want that prize.

Julie: SAME! And if this doesn’t finish soon I’m leaving.

Rebecca: MY! What attitudes… Well, you are in luck because I have one last question. “WHICH DOLL ARE YOU MOST THANKFUL FOR?”

Kit bursting: How do you expect me to choose between all my friends, how does this even relate to Thanksgiving, and HOW do you expect me to know what the answer REALLY is?

Julie: Come on, Kit, you and I both know what Rebecca’s “right” answer is. Let’s just get it over with.

Kit Sighing: Fine.


Julie and Kit: Rebecca.


Rebecca: AHH!!! Correct!!!! It’s a tie!

Rebecca: Cheers for the winners! Bring in the prize.

Julie: Ugh… finally.

Chen: I’m coming…

Chen: Congrats guys…? I’ll take the bell.

Julie: YES! Finally. What did we get?

Julie: What…


Kit: I don’t need a wooden letter “R”!

Julie: WHAT?! AN “I heart Rebecca” FLAG!!!! Who would ever need this?!?!

Rebecca: Hey! These things are great! Who wouldn’t want a flag that celebrates me?

Kit: There is even a golden framed photo of, guess who…. Rebecca.


Julie: Oh brother… what’s this?

Rebecca: Oh you’ll love that the most!

Julie: An autographed photo of Rebecca! I can’t believe this!

Kit: WHAT?!

Julie: I can’t take this anymore.

Rebecca: It’s too good to be true, isn’t it?

Julie: Come on, Kit, let’s go!

Kit: Yeah! We are outta’ here.

Rebecca: WAIT! Where are you going?! Don’t you want your things?!

Rebecca: Humph… well, I suppose I would not mind keeping it for myself.

Rebecca: Oh hello, Chen. Can you believe them? Why wouldn’t they take my stuff with them?

Chen sighing: Well, they… uh… weren’t expecting what you gave them.

Rebecca: That’s what makes it a surprise!

Chen: Well, let’s just say that when they saw that they were going to be in “Rebecca’s Thanksgiving Game Show” they didn’t know they were going to be in “REBECCA’S Thanksgiving Game Show.”

Rebecca: Huh?

Chen: So viewers, I hope you learned a valuable lesson on how NOT to do Thanksgiving.



Thanks for reading guys! I am so thankful to all of you for being the best supporters ever! Happy Thanksgiving from me and the dolls at Doll Notebook!

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