Review of the Good Vibes Skate Outfit! + Some Other Randomness

Hey you all! I’m here today with a review of The Good Vibes Skate Outfit I bought at the American Girl Store! I fell in love with it when I got to see it in person, and today I have Luci here to model it for you. This is all my own opinions. 🙂

When I was younger I was able to look at almost anything in the AG store and say, “I REALLY want that.” Now, partly from experience, I try to make decisions by asking myself if I would REALLY use an item. If not, it is not a priority. For instance, the new 3-in-1 Game Night Table is pretty darn cool, but I just can’t find myself putting it to use a lot. This outfit, on the other hand, is something I’ve been needing for a while. Here’s why:

Let’s start off by saying how much I’ve REALLY wanted graphic tees for my dolls. This shirt definitely does the trick, and I love the cute saying. The shirt does have the little “American Girl” button near the bottom, but that can be easily cut off if you don’t like it. It velcros in the back.

There is some ribbon detailing near the end of the mid-length sleeves.

The cardigan is very soft and the pattern reminds me of Saige, so she will definitely be wearing it. I was surprised to see it was basically a rectangle of fabric with holes for the arms and a dip for the neck. It helps to give the folding effect when it is on the doll. I will have to be careful not to snag this or the beanie.

The shorts are PLAIN JEAN SHORTS! I really needed another pair of shorts for my dolls, not to mention, a pair that goes with practically everything. They go up fairly high on the waist which is great for shirts that might be a bit short. It velcros in the front.

The whole outfit has some pretty bizarre patterns that in my opinion shouldn’t technically go together. The shoes are a validation of this fact, but they are still cute and nice quality. I love the outfit for its mixing and matching qualities.

The beanie has the AG logo stitched in the front and is a very cozy material, much like the cardigan.

The little green pom-pom on top it pretty adorable too.

So there is my review! You can probably tell I have no complaints at all (well except for the fact that nothing really “goes” together, but that doesn’t really matter to me). I was excited when I learned the cardigan was not attached to the shirt for more mix and match possibilities.

Before you go, Tenney and Logan would like to share some news. Thanks, American Girl Doll News and Katie for initially notifying me.

Tenney: Hey guys! Just want to let you know that American Girl put a notice on their site a few days ago.

Logan: Yeah, it said that our collection will be retiring by the end of this year. We were sad to see it go.

Tenney: After that, we looked again on their site today, and the notice was no longer there!

Logan: We aren’t quite sure if AG has changed their minds about retiring us or what is going on, but we thought we would tell you just in case you might want to buy a Logan doll before I’m retired because obviously, you have seen how awesome I am.

Tenney: Oh please… I’m the main character.

Logan: Well, I’m the first boy doll. Remember that folks.

Tenney: Anyway, let us know if you see the notice pop up anywhere or not. We don’t want to retire (some of the other dolls have gone through something similar), but hey, I know I’ll still be here at DN!

Logan: We should go on strike.

Tenney: No, Logan! Bye guys…

Isn’t that odd?  I am hoping to get Tenney’s guitar soon if they do end up retiring. AG has had some crazy ups and downs lately, and I’m not sure what they are doing with all this. Guess we will have to just wait and see.

One more question, I’m still not sure which post to do next, so tell me in the comments what you would like to see next week here at DN:

Being a mini doll, photostory


A Josefina face mold comparison between all my dolls

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  • Madison

    Hey Jewel! Thank you sooooooo much for doing this review! I want this outfit so bad❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
    Luci looks really cute in it, by the way:)
    Wow, I did not expect that! I looked on the AG website and couldn’t find anything. What section of the site did it say that? I hope they don’t retire! Tenny has some really cute outfits that I have my eye on!
    LOL I know! Why do dolls trust fall? It never works out well in the endXD

    • Jewel

      Hey, Madison! Aww, no problem! Thank you so much!
      Yeah, I can’t find it anymore either. It was on Tenney and Logan’s shopping page. Yeah, I’m hoping they won’t either! Yes!
      Exactly XD I have no idea what makes them think it is so fun…


  • justAG

    XD I totally agree. My dolls need more graphic shirts too! (but esty is sooo expensive….and I stink at sewing shirts)

    They took it down? I had just seen it yesterday… :/ Wonder what’s happening.

    Trust falls? Oh, please. I know these dolls. (cough cough KATE cough) She was really trying to snag her new cardigan and beanie. 😉


    p.s. I vote for in the Life of a Mini doll! 🙂

    • Jewel

      I’m with you there. I am not good at sewing and I don’t really like it either. XD

      Yeah… it is so weird, I’ll keep checking up on it.

      GASP! You’re right! XD


      Oh sweet! Thank you so much for voting!

  • Blueberrywithtrexarms

    Gosh, those shoes are to die for! I was tempted by the skate outfit recently, but never got it. I couldnt figure out why I didnt like it, but now that you said it, I do think its because none of the pieces really go.

    And do get Tenney’s guitar when you get the chance. Im not a huge fan of her collection but the guitar is really cool (in terms of color, strings, and believability.)

    • Jewel

      I know right?! Yeah, luckily I think I have things that will go with each of the items.

      Ok great! Oh thank you so much, for the recommendation!

      Also, thanks for the comment! Might I suggest you check out my new personal blog as well? You might like it. 🙂


  • Katie

    Love the review girl! Oh my gosh I almost feel like I could make the cardigan now that I see that it’s a rectangle! * starts making an unrealistic amount of cardigans* XD I really love the top! Wow they took the retirement thingy down? That’s crazy! (But good! ) I’ll have to tell my friend, Tenney’s her favorite 🙂 I wonder if it was a publicity stunt to make people freak out and buy stuff before they left? Ooooooooo Josefina face mold comparison!
    -Katie 🙂

  • Jewel

    XD Thanks! IKR?! It seems light it would be so easy to DIY! YES! It is SO weird! Oh awesome! Hmm… that may be. Yay! Thank you for voting, Katie!


  • Xyra

    Great review of the outfit. I think I’d prefer it if the beanie was a slouchy one over a pom pom.

    Trust falls…happen way too often. Some days I’m on it; others not so much. 🙁

    Voting for mini doll.

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