SICK :( + A Few Bits of News

Hey everyone 🙂 You might have noticed (if you follow it) I wasn’t able to post on my personal blog last Friday. That was because I was sick and was not really feeling up to it. I still haven’t even gotten around to it yet because alas, I’m still sick. 🙁 I’m sorry but, I don’t think I’ll be posting tomorrow because I haven’t even prepared for the post. If I’m better nearing this Friday, I’ll try to post on both blogs that day. Thanks, guys. 🙂 The Josefina Face-mold comparison is coming. XD

Also, I am probably going to make a new/updated blog button soon! I’m super excited for that and I’ll need to trade with more of you! (I haven’t been that good at asking to trade buttons…) So…

Which doll that I have should be on my new button?

(Tell me in the comments. I appreciate opinions 😉)

And… this is random… but we adopted a kitty:

Her name is Iris, and she is so super sweet. We named her that because she has a slight problem with her left eye. Do you prefer cats or dogs? Can you decide? I always considered myself a dog person, not a cat person, but Iris (my first cat) is pretty cute. Alright… bye for now, everyone!




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