Star Wars: The Last Jedi Photoshoot

Yo! I’m back! I’m glad you all seemed to enjoy my sister’s guest post! I personally really enjoyed it. 👍 Thumbs up sis!

Anyway, a little while back my Kylo Ren and Rey 2-pack (Forces of Destiny dolls) came! (My sister bought Luke as well.) I also ended up getting Chewbacca and I’m in love with them all. These three don’t have action features like the others we have. I’m not complaining though. Chewie does make Wookie sounds which is pretty darn cool. Today I thought I’d do a photoshoot of the dolls I have from the Last Jedi movie. I now have two Reys (you can never have too many Reys). 🙂

Chewie and my first Rey ^

I’m a big Chewbacca fan. To say that I’m disappointed in the choice of actor to play Han for the new SOLO movie that releases in a few days, would probably be an understatement. I don’t really even want to see it because Harrison Ford will always be the only Han Solo in my mind. The only reason I might is that I’m intrigued by the Chewie aspect of it. Darn Chewbacca. XD

Chewie and a Porg 🙂

I actually made this little guy. Stay tuned for Friday, when I’ll be publishing a tutorial on how to make him!

Our land sorta looks like Ach-To from the Last Jedi.

Here is my second Rey. ^ Oh! I didn’t realize last time that all of the lightsaber blades are removable! This is great when you don’t want the saber to be “on”. Fun fact: My 3-year-old brother helped us figure this out when he was messing around with one of the lightsabers and popped out the blade.

She’s so serious.

Kylo Ren^ He and my second Rey are very poseable.

Augh! His lightsaber is wicked awesome. His hair is molded but it has a very slight “fuzz” to it.


Kylo’s lightsaber hilt can clip onto his belt. He is also quite a bit taller than Rey, just like in real life! Chewbacca is even taller than him!

I hope you enjoyed. If you did, be sure to give this post a like! Also, tell me in the comments which picture was your favorite! I also love to chat about Star Wars…

Bye for now, everyone!



BONUS PIC (If you watched The Force Awakens):

Kylo: “OK! I’m sorry I killed your best friend!”

Chewie: *Not Amused*



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