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    Coming Soon! Meet the Barbies!

    Hey guys! I apologize for not getting to post yesterday! I seriously have no excuse… so yeah. Anyway, I have an announcement: I was discussing it with my sis and I have decided to make a Meet the Barbies page! It is not up yet but I hope to get it up by the end of this week so keep an eye out! BUT WAIT! I must warn you we have a lot of barbies, so I have decided to not complete the page in one chunk. Each week, I will add a Barbie/Barbies to the page until I have finished it with all our relevant barbie dolls. That means you can check…

  • Photoshoot

    Cami Photoshoot + Blog Button

    Bonjour and good day! Today I have a few photos to share with you of my new favorite Barbie doll, Camerson (Cami for short). She is a Curvy Fashionista doll and you can find her on Amazon right HERE. I bought mine at Walmart. She is one of the dolls that come with extra clothes. After you see the photos I’ll be showing you DN’s new blog button! Yay! My sister and I always come up with stories for our Barbie dolls, so Cami is a computer hacker (of course she uses it for good purposes), and tech wiz. She recently met her long-lost older brother Michael (well actually she was the one…

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    Our Favorite Barbies

    Hiya! My sister and I have a lot of Barbie dolls, but we definitely have our favorites. Today I’m going to show those to you. (: I’ll be showing them in pairs (the ones on the left are my sister’s, and the ones on the right mine). None of them are wearing their original outfits. We had fun dressing them up.   First off we have Claire (my sister’s) and Sabrina. They are “Barbie the Look” dolls. I like their unique face molds, beautiful hair, face paint, and removable earrings. They also have more articulation than a fashionista doll would have. These two are unusually thin though, and some normal barbie clothes just don’t fit them…

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    Barbie Fashionistas Ken #10 Classic Cool Review

    Hey Guys! The Fashionistas have been all the rage lately in the barbie world. I recently got the #10 Ken doll that just came out. He is an original, (they now have Broad and Slim Kens too) but I liked him so I got him. (If I do get a broad or slim I will review them as well.) Now I will review him for you, because he is super cool. (I guess that’s why he’s called “Classic Cool.”) Let’s start at the top (literally). He has dark skin, thick eyebrows, and his above hair line is even. WARNING: I chose him carefully, a lot of the same #10’s had…

  • Photoshoot

    Carrie’s Rain Photoshoot

    HELLO! Today I have some pictures for you. They are of my doll Carrie, who is a Made To Move Barbie. I love the Made To Move Barbies because there are so many ways to pose them, perfect for photoshoots! OH! And yes, I DID take these photos while it was raining. Don’t worry though, it was so light you could barely hear it inside a building. Tire swing! I love Carrie, she is so cute. I am glad I got to get these photos of her. One problem with staying out in mild rain though, is the mosquitos! *shakes head sadly* LOL! I also want to thank you all…

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    Barbie: Who Wore It Best?

    Hi Guys! Today I decided to do a Barbie “Who Wore It Best?” post since those type of things are always fun. I dressed up 3 Barbies in a cute summer dress. After seeing them all in the dress, you can comment down below who you think wore it best! Coral (Petite, Fashionistas): Valerie (Curvy, Fashionistas): Midge (Normal, Life in the Dreamhouse doll): I like this dress because it fits on all types of Barbies. So… who wore it best? I think they all are very cute in it!

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    New Barbie Fashionistas, Height Comparison

    Hello, today I wanted to do a height comparison of new Barbie Fashionistas for 2016. I will be testing, #31, 33, and 23. Here is #23 and 31, side by side.  They are both “Petite” Barbies, but as you can see, #31 is slightly taller. Personally, I like the variation. The reason for the difference in size might be because #23 has flatter feet than #31, making her shorter. Finally, #23 and 33, the shortest and tallest. The #33 is a “Tall” Barbie so she is quite a bit taller compared to the petites. Also, her feet are not completely flat or high. They are somewhere in the middle. I wonder if…