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    Jewel’s Guide to Making a Photo Story

    Hello, doll lovers! I haven’t really been able to go outside lately because my allergies are really bad, but today I thought it would be fun to show you the elements I use when making a doll photo story! I’ve actually learned more about the “why” of my methods through learning about story lately, and I can now dissect my photo stories more properly. Hopefully, this can help you make some of your own photo stories. 🙂 Doll:   First, I usually start by figuring out which doll I want to use. I strongly encourage exploring the personalities of all your dolls, and a great way to do that is through a…

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    Caroline Re-born + Blaire GOTY 2019

    Hello everyone! Remember how I said I received money for Christmas? Ok, well, I bought 2 Star Wars Black Series figures (Finn and A Stormtrooper Executioner) as well as something else… A new wig for Caroline. Now, you haven’t seen my second doll, Caroline, on the blog lately and that was because I was thoroughly hating her wig. I strongly recommend not getting a curly-haired American Girl doll as one of your first, get one like Kit. XD Anyway, I got her for Christmas back in 2012 and over the years her hair has become much less than ideal (to be kind to myself). I’ve tried to repair her hair to no…

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    Caroline Becomes Cool

    TADA! It is here! I hope you all have fun reading this photostory that won the majority of the vote! It was a lot of fun to make. I love blogging. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it! Caroline’s POV: It was a beautiful day and I was doing some morning cleaning as usual. You see, I love to clean. If it weren’t for me, our house would be a wreck. Just saying. Just then, Grace rushed in and interrupted me in the middle of my favorite hobby. I did not mind that much. I was used to it by now. “Hey! Guess what?” Grace asked, “Julie, Kit, Luci, and Chen are back…

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    The 30’s, Part Seven!

    Hi guys! I’ve been having trouble with the email lately and this last Friday it didn’t send. So I wanted to tell you if you didn’t get to see that I got my button post up: Here. I would love your input on that. Anyway… PART SEVEN! *Jazz hands* Yay! It is here at last! I know the last part left you with a painful cliffhanger. I’m so mean. >:) I won’t stall you any longer though. Well… Except for… the character list…     Kit plays herself. Mckenna plays Joan (A reporter for the Cincinnati Register newspaper). Marie-Grace (my sister’s doll) plays Margaret Kitteredge (Kit’s Mother). Caroline plays Edward…

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    The 30’s, Part One!

    Hi everyone! It is now time for the first part of my exciting new series: The 30’s! If you want to know a little more about what it’s going to be like check out my REVEAL post. OOOOH! Here we go… BUT FIRST (hehe) I’ll provide you with a character list for this part:     Kit plays herself. Marie-Grace (my sister’s doll) plays Margaret Kitteredge (Kit’s Mother). Lanie (my sister’s doll) plays Mrs. Howard (A boarder at the Kittredge house). Caroline plays Edward (A person who works at the newspaper office). Saige plays Mr. Gibson (The editor of the Cincinnati Register newspaper).   Alright, I’ll let you read it…

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    Don’t "LEAF" Me, A Photo Story

    HELLOOOOOOOO! (After you read the story hopefully you’ll get the title) I am excited to present you all with a new photo story starring Caroline and My sister’s doll Melody! My sis did Melody’s awesome hair BTW. I LOVE it! Also I realized, that when I post late like today it is usually on Mondays. That is because a lot of the time I don’t take the pictures for posts on the weekend. I end up taking them on Monday like today and when the post is finally finished, it’s pretty late. Sooooooo…. to fix this problem: I will now switch my regular posting days from Monday and Thursday to TUESDAY…

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     THIS POST IS UPDATED WHENEVER A NEW DOLL JOINS THE FAMILY. HELLO, DOLL LOVERS! My sister and I were having fun the other day, dressing the American girls and doing their hair when we decided to finally determine different ages for them. I used to say, that all my dolls were ten years old, but there is not much fun in that. We also have some dolls that are more mature than others (LOL). So now I will make a list of the dolls ages for you, that will be soon posted on the meet the dolls page. Here they are from oldest to youngest. Some are the same age, but…

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    Mckenna’s Dilemma

    Hi, Peeps in the hood, ( I make myself smile when I say that. And yes… I know you are not actually in my “hood”. LOL, “PEEPS” Reminds me of those candy marshmallow things…) Today, we have a cute photo story starring Mckenna! (Notice the title.) I am soooooooooooooo happy, because all the girls stayed in place marvelously! I didn’t have too much trouble with the pictures. I hope you enjoy your dinner, LOL, JK! PRESENTING: Mckenna’s Dilemma!   One Saturday morning, Mckenna Brooks, played her favorite game (Mckenna’s Gymtastic) on the tablet. You could say she was having fun, but she had sore eyes from playing 2 hours straight.…

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    Caroline’s Thrift Store Finds!

    Bonjour doll lovers! (I’m sticking with the around the world greetings I guess, LOL). Caroline is always great with making the most of her money. And what better way to do that than shopping for things at thrift stores! You can find REALLY cool stuff sometimes guys! So today I’m going to let Caroline show you some of our favorite Thrift Store finds! Here’s Caroline: Hello! I’m Caroline, and I’m so excited to share some of our great finds at thrift stores, all probably around 50 cent to a dollar! So let’s jump right in, shall we?! This clock is so cute! It looks like a little house. It really…

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    Caroline’s Barn Photoshoot

    Hello! So today is a photoshoot of Caroline. Since Mckenna AND Saige just got one, it’s definitely time for Caroline’s time in the spotlight. Do you think Caroline looks cute in a barn? I LOVE this setting!!! It is sad she is retired now… It seems like a lot of the Beforever characters that represent a time period NOT in the 1900’s are not as popular. That is probably why Addy is soon retiring… Well, I think Caroline represents a great time period, and as my second doll, she is still lookin’ good!