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    Jewel’s Guide to Making a Photo Story

    Hello, doll lovers! I haven’t really been able to go outside lately because my allergies are really bad, but today I thought it would be fun to show you the elements I use when making a doll photo story! I’ve actually learned more about the “why” of my methods through learning about story lately, and I can now dissect my photo stories more properly. Hopefully, this can help you make some of your own photo stories. 🙂 Doll:   First, I usually start by figuring out which doll I want to use. I strongly encourage exploring the personalities of all your dolls, and a great way to do that is through a…

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    Rebecca’s Thanksgiving Game Show

    HELLO THERE! – Obi-Wan Kenobi How are you? Thanksgiving is coming up and I’m super excited. We have most of this week off of school and today we are going to go with our friends somewhere fun then go see the new Grinch movie. I found that when I can think of a creative idea for a post, it ends up being one of my favorites. So today Rebecca brings you (a very odd) Thanksgiving Game Show that she invented herself! I hope you like the photo story! Rebecca: Hello my public! Welcome to my Thanksgiving Game Show! I’m your host Rebecca Rubin! Rebecca: We have two contestants with us today:…

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    The AG Josefina Face-mold Comparison

    Bring out the trumpets because it’s finally here… The AG Josefina Face-mold Comparison! Today we will be doing exactly as the title says: comparing the face-molds of all my dolls that have the named Josefina face-mold from American Girl! I also decided (with my sister’s permission) to use Julie as well, my sister’s only doll with the Josefina face-mold. Ok, let me start off by saying that I love the Josefina face-mold so much because I think it looks like one of the most realistic ones AG has. The chin is just pointy enough, and it doesn’t look overly chubby. XD Now for some comparison: Out of all these 5 dolls, Grace and…

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    Caroline Becomes Cool

    TADA! It is here! I hope you all have fun reading this photostory that won the majority of the vote! It was a lot of fun to make. I love blogging. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it! Caroline’s POV: It was a beautiful day and I was doing some morning cleaning as usual. You see, I love to clean. If it weren’t for me, our house would be a wreck. Just saying. Just then, Grace rushed in and interrupted me in the middle of my favorite hobby. I did not mind that much. I was used to it by now. “Hey! Guess what?” Grace asked, “Julie, Kit, Luci, and Chen are back…

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    The 30’s, Part Five!

    Hi guys! I’m so sorry about this being late. I had a science test yesterday that took up a lot of time, but here it is, part five of the 30’s!!! I was originally planning to have a big reveal in this part. My sis asked me if I was going to do it, and I said “yeah.” She thought it was a bit too early for that, and I ultimately agreed. Anyway, this part should build your suspense even more!!! Here’s the character list for part five:   Kit plays herself. Mckenna plays Joan (A reporter for the Cincinnati Register newspaper). Julie (my sister’s doll) plays Betty Stevenson. Grace…

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    The 30’s, Part Three!

    Hi People! I’m back! I hope everyone is doing good. We had a great time with our grandparents. Now it’s time for the anticipated part THREE of The 30’s!!! Have fun reading it everyone! Here is the character lit for this part:     Kit plays herself. Julie (my sister’s doll) plays Betty Stevenson.     Marie-Grace (my sister’s doll) plays Margaret Kitteredge (Kit’s Mother).   Here we go!!! *Dring* the door rang as I walked into the Jewelry store on Main. I looked around. I saw delicate little necklaces in glass cases. I admired the pretty little boxes with bows and ribbons. I looked up and beheld a lady…

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    DOLL LIFE: Kit and Julie, Best Friends Forever.

    Hello Doll Lovers! I am happy to introduce a new type of post: DOLL LIFE! Doll life posts will show you more of what the dolls do and are like on a regular basis! This is the first Doll Life post about how Kit and Julie (my sister’s doll) are BFFS. You never knew that before, huh? Doll Life will introduce you to some new facts about the dolls. I hope this new type of post is going to be fun! Kit and Julie are best friends. They might be a year apart in age but, they just click. They’re a lot like sisters. They both are daring tomboys. Both…

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     THIS POST IS UPDATED WHENEVER A NEW DOLL JOINS THE FAMILY. HELLO, DOLL LOVERS! My sister and I were having fun the other day, dressing the American girls and doing their hair when we decided to finally determine different ages for them. I used to say, that all my dolls were ten years old, but there is not much fun in that. We also have some dolls that are more mature than others (LOL). So now I will make a list of the dolls ages for you, that will be soon posted on the meet the dolls page. Here they are from oldest to youngest. Some are the same age, but…

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    Dolls Are Cool Photoshoot

    Hello Guys! Has anyone ever told you dolls aren’t cool? Well, here are Mckenna and Julie to disprove that notion, LOL. I really like the brick backdrop. Hope you liked it! Mckenna and Julie are two awesomely cool dolls!!! Which Pic is your favorite?

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    The Dolls’ Friends

    I love my American Girl dolls, but my dolls are not the only ones in the house. My younger sister has three dolls, Julie, Lanie, and Marie Grace. My sister wanted an  AG doll when I got Mckenna, and when she got one, we both were hooked. Here are her three dolls. They might appear in some of my posts. Marie Grace is her first doll. My sister got her for Christmas when I got Caroline. Lanie is her second doll. She got her for her Birthday. Lanie recently got her ears pierced. Julie is her third doll. Julie is a Beforever doll, and my sister earned for her herself.…