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    Best Bros (Photoshoot)

    Hi, my friends! I hope your day is fantastic. Thank you to all who took my survey! It seems most of you wanted to see more Barbie posts so I am going to try and work on a Barbie photo story (something I’ve never done). I have not been keeping up with the Meet the Barbies Page so today I added the entire Brooks family to make up for the lost time. Check it out if you want! In today’s post, I have a photoshoot of Michael and Zingo (both my dolls). I hope you like it! Michael Michaels (yes, that is his name) and Zingo Thomas are both from…

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    New Dolls Q&A Answers!

    ‘Ello mates. Today is the Q&A answer post with the new dolls. In the last post I told you I’d be giving out a shoutout to a random commenter, so……… the winner is…………… . . . . . . . . . . . MADISON@SimplyAG! Congrats Madison! Be sure to check out her fantastic AG doll site! She is such a super sweet commenter. <3 Thank You, Madison. ­čÖé Alright now, onto the Q&A Answers with Chen, Tenney, Logan, Rebecca, and Luci! Thanks a bunch to all who commented! (My sister definitely┬áhelped with the answers for her dolls.) Questions are in bold.   Chen: Hi Chen! I got some questions…

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    Q&A With the New Dolls + Win a Shout-out!

    Hey! You read it right! I’m having a Q&A with the new dolls! A little while back, my sister and I (over just a few months) bought/received 5 American Girl Dolls. I’m not sure if you guys felt a little overwhelmed (I did, which is why I will probably┬ánot be asking for a doll for Christmas).┬á Anyway, I thought it would be cool if we could learn a little bit more about each one together. I have also decided to spice it up, with a chance to win a shout-out! The dolls, of course, are: Chen: Tenney: Logan: Rebecca: Luci: How to do it: Comment below asking questions to the…

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    Hey Guys! I want Your Opinion on some things… As you might know, (you can read on the About Page: http://www.dollnotebook.com/about1.html) I can only keep two dolls in our Fifth Wheel and the rest stay at my grandparents’ house. Well, my sister and I’s birthday is coming up and………… We get to get a new AG DOLL!!! YAY!!!! But, that means either Grace or Kit will be going away. Now my question is, which one do you think should stay? Comment at the end of the post, but first look at these pics of them. Kit is on the left, Grace is on the right: Finally, I want to ask…

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    All AG dolls for 2017

    Take a look… These dolls have been already released. To see them, click on the button below.   Z will be released: 4/27/17. She is going to be a contemporary doll, like Tenney and Logan.     Nanea will be released: 8/24/17. She is going to be a Beforever doll.  

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    AG is releasing new dolls in February!!!!!!!!!!! The FIRST two below, are going to start a new contemporary line of dolls! Take a look… Here is Tenney Grant! How cute! HER FINGERS WILL BE POSABLE!!!! Wow, that is new! It is so she can “play” her guitar. She is from Nashville Tennessee. Also, she has freckles! I love freckles. GET THIS, Teeney will have a friend doll!!!!! AND IT”S A BOY! AG’s first boy doll! His name will be Logan Everett, and he will also have posable fingers to play his DRUMS!!!!!! Looks like he has the Kaya face mold. And Finally… Felicity is coming back!!!!!! Some great things are…