• Hairstyles

    The Bangs, Bun, Beautiful Hairstyle!

    Guys! It’s a miracle! I’ve come up with another hairstyle! Well, if by “come up” I mean “slightly alter a style I saw on YouTube,” then yeah! It’s true, I saw something very similar on YouTube, but I adapted it for dolls since they ended up using a flat iron for the original, etc… and we all know using direct heat on your doll’s head can turn out very bad if you are not careful. I’m not sure I would trust myself. Anyway, here it is:  The Bangs, Bun, Beautiful Hairstyle! Now, this style requires that your doll have specific kind of hair. It has to be at least somewhat wavy, not curly,…

  • Doll Extras

    Dollhouse Tour!

    Hello! Today I decided to give you all a tour of my AG dollhouse! This will not be in video form as I had thought it would before. I thought it would be easier to give you pictures so you can look at details as long as you want. 😉 My dollhouse is made from Ikea shelves and things we have bought and/or collected over the years. You’ve seen parts of it before, but not all. I’ll start at the bottom of the house and move my way up. Luciana and Chen’s Room Sadly, you are always going to find pink and purple (even if it is not realistic) colored doll…

  • Doll Extras

    Grace’s Kitchen Tips

    Hello everybody, and welcome to the first ” Grace’s Kitchen Tips!” Here’s Grace… Hello, how exciting, my first tip ever. My tips will vary from recipes to quick table settings. Well, here we go… In front of me I have a table. I set up a place setting to show you how to place you silverware. Remember this: spoons and knives go on the right side of the plate because “spoon” and “knife” have 5 letters and so does “right”. Forks go on the left because the word “fork” and “left” have 4 letters. Well, that’s my tip for today. I hope it proves useful to you. (-: