Tenney and Logan Photoshoot

Hello! Today the weather was finally warm enough for me to go outside and snap some pics of Tenney and Logan. I had tried a few days before in the cold while still sick, much to my loving mother’s dismay. Thankfully today I felt much better, and the weather was great. Since my sister just received Logan for Christmas, I found it necessary to take pictures of the now united Tenney and Logan duo.

My sister’s Truly Me American Girl Guitar is now the property of Logan.  XD Don’t worry, he has a drum set too (though not American Girl’s because it wasn’t worth it to buy a 68 dollar crackable light plastic, non-working, mini drum set. We just got mini tabletop drum set.)

This guitar looks pretty darn realistic.

Tenney’s banjo is so cute!

This one is probably my favorite ^.

His eyes are like a grayish blue…

Awww ^.

I have no idea what Logan is doing… but OK.

I hope you enjoyed those photos! Tuesday I have another shoot (that I really like) starring the one and only Rebecca! That means her profile should be up soon!!! After that though, I’m not sure what to do… Don’t get me wrong I have plenty of ideas, but I just don’t know what to do next. I would really appreciate if you would take the poll below to let me know what post you’d like to see:


Thanks so much, guys! Definitely, tell me your favorite of these pics in the comments!!! And be sure to like if you think this duo of dolls is super cute. 🙂 Bye for now, everyone!




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