The 30’s, Part Five!

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Hi guys! I’m so sorry about this being late. I had a science test yesterday that took up a lot of time, but here it is, part five of the 30’s!!! I was originally planning to have a big reveal in this part. My sis asked me if I was going to do it, and I said “yeah.” She thought it was a bit too early for that, and I ultimately agreed. Anyway, this part should build your suspense even more!!!

Here’s the character list for part five:


  • Kit plays herself.
  • Mckenna plays Joan (A reporter for the Cincinnati Register newspaper).
  • Julie (my sister’s doll) plays Betty Stevenson.
  • Grace plays the detective.
  • AND ??? plays the hobo boy.


Yeah… you’ll have to wait and see who plays the hobo boy (;

“Time to go!” I determinedly whispered to myself, sitting up in bed. When I arrived back home yesterday, I changed out of that frilly dress into my reporting clothes. I slept in them to save time when I woke. It was still fairly dark so I knew it couldn’t be 5 yet. I had to be ready to beat Joan to the jewelry store. That would show her who the reporter was around here.

I stood up and grabbed my brush. I started running it through my messy bed head hair. (I would have skipped this step, but I knew messy hair didn’t look professional, from the wise words of my Mom.)

I clipped my hair back. There was no need for a hat right now. Then I grabbed my camera, notebook, and pen in their bags.

I was done! “Get ready Joan! Reporter Kit is coming.” I said out loud rushing through the door. I’ll be there before Joan even sets one foot through the door, I mused to myself.

“Ahh! what a beautiful day!” I exclaimed. Suddenly I stopped dead and stared shockingly in front of me.

“JOAN?!’ I squeaked.


“Hi Kit, ready to go?” She asked. I guess she could tell from my open jaw, that there was some more explaining to do. “Oh! I woke up really early this morning to be sure I didn’t keep you waiting. Your Mom wanted me to pick you up. Are you ready?” She repeated.

I shut my mouth. “Uh, yeah… sure…” I muttered disappointedly. Ah man! I kicked myself internally, Next time, I can’t even sleep! I’ll be there… the day before! HA! (It’s fine if you roll your eyes at this. I now realize how unrealistic I can be when I’m determined, hehe.)

Joan and I strolled along silently. I didn’t know what was going on in her mind, but I knew in mine I was plotting my next big plan for being the better reporter. I glanced at her. Joan seemed to not think we were in any kind of competition. She was always “acting” so nice, it occurred to me. I shrugged. No matter, I thought, because I know what she REALLY wants, and that is to make me look like an inexperienced little girl! I frowned. How dare she?!

Out of the blue, the evil reporter turned to me. “Kit, I’m really sorry about yesterday. Mr. Gibson was being rude to you. I should have spoke up about it, but… he’s my boss… I guess I was a little afraid for my job. Mr. Gibson is so unexpected, but that’s no excuse, and I just want to apologize.”

My heart dropped. I knew she was sincere. I knew how hateful I was being. I felt guilty. I felt like… like… well, an inexperienced little girl. “Uh… you… you… don’t have to apologize. I mean, I forgive you.” I wanted to say “I’m sorry too,” but my pride kept me from admitting I was wrong.


“Thanks.” Joan smiled.


We turned onto Main.

We trudged up the steps of the boardwalk that was on one side of the street on Main. “Betty’s Jewels” was at the end of the boardwalk. As we approached the store we saw Betty talking to a very rich looking lady. Maybe she was a rival reporter from another newspaper.

“Yes. Uh… oh… I mean… Yes Mam, thank you Mam. I’ll call you if anything happens.” Betty seemed slightly uneasy.


“Good.” The lady replied cooly. “I’ll be on my way now.”

The lady clopped sophisticatedly by us, head held high. She was so fancy.

Joan and I approached Betty.


“Hello,” Joan greeted in her friendly way.


“Hello!” Betty sounded relieved, “You must be Miss Joan Millard! Oh! and Kit! Good to see you again!”


I grinned proudly,”Hi Mrs. Stevenson!”


“You’re the first reporters here today! I’ve had so many reporters bombarding me with questions these past few days.”

I had to ask, “Then who was that lady that was just here?” I inquired, gesturing behind me.

“Oh,” Betty sighed, “That was just the detective.”


“WOAH?!” I gasped, “You have a real detective on this case?!”


“Yes,” Betty nodded apparently not as excited as me, “I’m so done with this whole thing. I wish they would just catch the kid so I don’t have to worry anymore.”

I looked over my shoulder to where the detective lady had gone. Suddenly I realized something. Betty was having a hard time with this. I know it sounds crazy that I had just thought of that. During this whole thing I had only been concerned about myself. I had hardly stopped to think how Betty felt, with a kid breaking into her little store, stealing her life’s income. Man, I thought, I can be pretty selfish.


I heard Joan saying, “Let’s go over here and I’ll ask a few, non-bombarding, questions.”

They leaned on the railing, of the boardwalk.


“Alright Joan,” I instructed standing beside them, “You drill her first while I take some pictures.”


“Sounds good.” Joan winked and started talking to Betty.

I pulled out my camera from its bag. “What should I take a picture of first?”

I turned and looked at the entry way to the store. I decided I should take a picture of the sign to show where we were.

*Click!* … Abruptly, I heard Joan’s voice break the sound of my camera taking a picture.

“I didn’t want to loose my job and now look what I’ve done.”


“What?” I asked, concerned.


“I didn’t bring my notebook! Mr. Gibson specifically told me to grab it for today! I guess I was so absorbed in getting to your place, I forgot what I needed. I can’t believe I did this.”

I sighed and put my camera in the bag. Then I held out my notebook pack, “Um… Here Joan, you can use mine.”


“Oh Kit! That’s very generous, but it’s yours.”


“I know, I don’t mind, here.” I held out my bag.

Joan took it. “Well… thank you Kit. I won’t forget this. You are one prepared reporter.”


I beamed.

Betty stood up cheerfully, “It’s such a nice day, what are we sitting around here for? Let’s take a stroll on the board walk.”


We agreed.

As we walked forward I slid out my camera again. “Hey, Mrs. Stevenson… Say cheese!”

“Oh! CHEESE!” *Click!* I slid the camera back in its home. Then it happened. All at once I heard a creaking noise.

I whirled swiftly around. Betty and Joan were too absorbed in chatting to hear it.

I glanced at the front of the shop. Nothing. “Hmm…” I whispered, “I guess I have a wild imagination too.”

I turned around.


“Can you describe the boy?” Joan was asking.


“Let’s see… I never saw his face really well. He has always been in the same overalls, with a newsboy cap.”


“Ok,” said Joan scribbling something down.


Then, without warning, I heard the sound again! I froze. It’s just my imagination, I tried to convince myself. Yet I didn’t keep walking. I stood and listened without turning around.

Then, it came again, a quiet squeak. I started to identify the sound in my head.

 It came to me. That’s the sound of a door opening!

I strained my ears. I heard the slightest little click. The door is shut! I knew it. I also knew this person couldn’t be a customer who was coming out of the store. A customer would not have been so quiet. I straightened, I made the decision to turn around… slowly.

I gasped, “Oh my gracious!” It was the hobo boy! He was sliding threw the railing of the board walk.

He was holding a package! Oh no! I thought.

I shook Betty’s shoulders, “Mrs. Stevenson, Mrs Stevenson!” I whispered desperately.

“Yes Kit?” She turned around to see what I was pointing at. She froze,”Oh no! Not again!” she gasped silently.


“What’s the matter?” Joan requested, swinging in our direction.

Joan’s eyes grew wide. “Oh my goodness!”

She dropped the notebook and pen with a clang.

The boy seemed to hear the thunk of the things hitting the ground, and hurriedly dropped from the board walk to the ground below.

He was gone. Betty panicked, “I’m going to call the police!!!” She hurried inside the shop.

Joan and I just stood there. So many things were going through my head. Would the police get here in time? How much had the hobo boy stolen?

I wanted to help. I wanted to help so bad. But what could I do? Ruthie’s words rang in my head, “You will get involved!” I pushed those words down. Something had to be done.

“May you hold my things Joan?” I didn’t wait for her to answer and shoved them at her.


“Uh, alright.”

“Kit, where are you going?” she asked worriedly as I walked away.

I slid through the railing. “I’m going after the robber!” I yelled.


I heard Joan’s voice calling frantically behind me. “Kit NO! Come back!”

The End of Part Five!

Yup. Your suspicions were right. Kit is getting involved. 🙂 Also, I was planning on making a boxcar for the dolls, but it’s so hard to find something that appears like a boxcar from an 18″ doll train, so I had to cut that part. (If you have any ideas on what to use for a boxcar, I’d LOVE to know. Then there can possibly be one in a later part.)


IMPORTANT NOTE: These photo series parts have been taking a lot of time and work. It has been hard to get up two parts a week. So while I’m doing this series, I’ll be only posting the parts on Fridays. I might post shorter, easy posts on Tuesdays, but not necessarily every Tuesday. Thanks for being my awesome readers, and always understanding. You guys are great! Bye For Now!


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  • Christina

    Maybe take a large cardboard box, seal it up and cut a door in it. Then
    use some toilet paper/paper towel rolls to make the weels.

  • Katie

    UGH! THE SUSPENSE IS KILLING ME!!! LOL 🙂 I like that Kit wants to go
    the day before so she can beat Joan XD Grace looks so fabulous! I love
    the store front, it was such a clever idea to do the doors like that 🙂
    Good job Jewel! Can't wait for part 6!!!!!!!
    -Katie 🙂

  • JustAg

    I just love this series! Jewel, I have been wanting to comment and
    subscribe for sooo long to tell you that I love, love, love your blog!
    Your Star Wars post with Raven as Rey was awesome, and can I just say
    that your photo-shoots are really professional! I am so glad that I can
    subscribe now that I have my own blog,!

  • Jewel

    Hi Katie! LOL! I'm so evil. HAHA, I like to add in a little humor to
    each part. Thanks! The store font was something I was going back and
    forth with. I even thought about doing this part inside the store, so
    I'm glad you like how it came out.


  • Jewel

    Hey JustAg! AWWWW! Thank you so much! That makes me sooooooo happy. I am
    so honored. I'm so glad to have you!


    P.S. I checked out your blog and it is great so far!!! Good job! Your
    photos are fantastic!

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