The 30’s Part Four!

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Hola mi amigos! YAY!!!!!!!!!!! It’s here! I am really excited to share with you part 4! FINALLY! I have some big plans for part five (the likely half-way point), so stayed tuned! I’m so glad you all are enjoying it so far! So let us dive head first into part 4!!!

Here is the character list:

  • Kit plays herself.
  • Lanie (my sister’s doll) plays Sterling Howard (A boarder at the Kittredge house, and son of Mrs. Howard).
  • Saige plays Mr. Gibson (The editor of the Cincinnati Register newspaper).
  • Mckenna plays Joan (A reporter for the Cincinnati Register newspaper).


On to the story!

“HEY KIT! CATCH!” Sterling Howard threw the ball toward me.

“Huh?” I twirled around to face him, “Sterling, no, I have to…”

I caught a glimpse at what was whirling towards me. “Uh… oh..”

BOOM! The ball hit me right in the face and pushed me to the ground. I let out an “Ugh!” as the air was knocked out of me.

“Oh no! Kit!” Sterling yelled, rushing to my side.

I sat up slowly. “I’m fine,” I mumbled, “just help me up.”


Sterling held out his hand. “You sure?”


“Yeah….?” I wheezed.


I stood up and brushed off while he leaned down to pick up the ball. “I’m so sorry Kit, you are usually ready to catch a ball whenever it is tossed to you.”

I looked at him straight. “Sterling, I wasn’t even playing ball. When I came out the front door, you just hurled it at me suddenly! Besides, I have other things on my mind.”

He looked me over as if noticing something for the first time today. “Yeah…………” He contemplated, “what is on your mind, and why are you dressed so… so… girly?”

I groaned. “Well… I’m supposed to look ‘nice’ for a meeting with the reporter at the newspaper office. It’s the person that I’m going to be…” I sighed, “working with.”



“Oh. Ok. So that’s where you’re headed right now?”




“Want to bounce the ball when you get back?” He asked giving it a little toss.


“We’ll see.”


He looked slightly sad. “I miss Ruthie.”


I looked at him for a second. I gulped back tears. “Me too…” then switching moods,”but she was just being rude! So serves her right!”

With that, I turned on my heels and strutted away from the front yard with my nose held high. If I am to be dressed like a fashionable lady, I might as well act like one, I thought.

Sterling didn’t think so. “Good luck, Kit.” He wished unenthusiastically, looking worriedly after me, his now “glamorous” friend. “I’m afraid… you’ll need it.” He whispered to himself.

I walked along in the early morning, I wondered who this “reporter” person was. I despised being dressed up like… a doll. I didn’t look as professional now!

I glanced at a nearby tree and stubbornly refused the urge to climb it. This person had better be worth it, I grumbled to myself, or else.

I rushed through the newspaper building to Mr. Gibson’s door. I heard talking inside. I quietly turned the handle and stepped into the Editor’s office. Then I slowly shut the door behind me. Mr. Gibson was explaining things to a person who’s back was turned to me. They didn’t even notice me come in. “Ahem.” I tried to get their attention.

Mr. Gibson peered over his shoulder. “Oh. Kit.” He grumbled.

He turned to the reporter. “Here is the little girl you’ll be babysitting… uh… I mean… helping… wait… uh… ‘working with’.” He tried to wink at the reporter, but it was unsuccessful.


Oh boy, I thought.

The lady turned around. “Hello!” She smiled.

“Hi.” I responded uninterested. I leaned on Mr. Gibson’s side table.


“KIT! GET OFF MY TABLE!” Mr. Gibson barked loudly.


I jumped up, startled. “Yes Sir!”

The reporter cleared her throat,”Well… um…” she stepped forward and held up her hand, “My name is Joan Millard.”

I reluctantly shook her hand, “I’m Kit.”


“Nice to meet you Kit.”


“Yeah,” I caught myself, “oh… uh… I mean… nice to meet you too.” I sighed.

Mr. Gibson got up. “Yes, well, now that that’s over, I need to finish telling you some of the facts Joan.”


“Alright Sir, but shouldn’t Kit hear too?” Joan asked.


He didn’t look at me. “Fine, fine! Not that she’ll get much out of it.”

He started to resume his conversation with Joan.”Betty confirmed that it looked like the same hobo kid. He didn’t get away with anything this time, but if he does I want you to be ready.”


“And… Kit, right?” Joan inquired.


“UGH! Yes! And Kit! She will do, whatever you want her to do. Now please stop interrupting Joan!”


I made a sour face. Joan wasn’t the boss of me.

“Now!’ He began again, “When you go tomorrow I want you to get all the facts. I mean ALL. Don’t skimp on a single detail. The other newspapers… well they… they…they get the overall story…  If we can pick out the smallest details, we will have the most interesting paper of them all! The other papers will perish! HA! Along with their petty writers and reporters!” He laughed.


Joan winced.


“This is quickly becoming a very large story, and… OH! I want you to leave for the jewelry store at 4:30 in the morning so you’ll get their before anyone else!” He grinned.


“Wow… that’s very early…” Joan spoke up.

Mr. Gibson sat down again. “Don’t fail me Joan. I know you won’t dare.”


“Yes sir, I won’t.”

I finally piped up, “I won’t fail you Sir!” I waved my hand.

“Huh?!” He looked at me, “Oh. Kit, you’re still here.”


“Yes?” I felt insulted.


“Go home then. Joan, get plenty of rest for tomorrow. Make sure to bring your notebook and be there by five o’clock.”


Joan smiled nervously, “Yes Sir.”


“Good. You may go now.”  He shooed.

I lost no time in stomping straight out of the room, burning with anger.


“Goodbye Kit!” I heard Joan calling behind me, “I’ll see you tomorrow at five!”


Oh, I’ll be there, I fumed in my head, Before five!

When I got back home, Sterling was still playing with the ball.

He caught it out of the air, then he saw me. “Hi Kit! How was it?!” he hollered as I drew nearer.

“Oh, just FIINE!” I blew sarcastically by him throwing my arms in the air.

He turned to watch me as I trudged to the house. “Ok… well um… do you have time to…”

“NOT NOW STERLING!!!!” I Interrupted angrily without looking back.

“Play ball?” Sterling whispered to himself.



The End of Part Four!


AWW! Isn’t Sterling cute? It took multiple tries to catch his ball in mid-air, and I’m really happy with the results. Oh KIT! What a temper she has. LOL. I hope your excited for part five! Bye for now everyone!




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