The 30’s, Part One!

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Hi everyone! It is now time for the first part of my exciting new series: The 30’s! If you want to know a little more about what it’s going to be like check out my REVEAL post. OOOOH! Here we go…

BUT FIRST (hehe) I’ll provide you with a character list for this part:



  • Kit plays herself.
  • Marie-Grace (my sister’s doll) plays Margaret Kitteredge (Kit’s Mother).
  • Lanie (my sister’s doll) plays Mrs. Howard (A boarder at the Kittredge house).
  • Caroline plays Edward (A person who works at the newspaper office).
  • Saige plays Mr. Gibson (The editor of the Cincinnati Register newspaper).


Alright, I’ll let you read it now…

*click, click, click, click, ding!*


“We need to unite together to…”


*click, click, click, click, ding!*
“help others, and a great way to do that is to…”
*click, click, click, click, ding!*
“lend a hand in our many soup kitchens.”
*click, click, click, click, ding!*

My hands zoomed across the keys of my typewriter. I stopped, loaded a new clean white piece of paper, and hammered away again.


“Done!” I exclaimed finally.

I placed the bundle of papers on the bed and tied them neatly with some precious spare ribbon my mom had given me.

I opened the drawer to my dresser an grabbed my little carrying case with my notebook and pen in it. If there was a reporting emergency, I’d be ready and prepared.

Next, I quickly nabbed my hat, and went running downstairs, away from my attic bedroom.

I rushed through the living area, where sat my mother who was knitting and chatting with one of our many boarders, Mrs. Howard.


“Bye Mom! Bye Mrs. Howard! Going to drop off a new article!” I yelled as I ran to the door.

“Goodbye dear! Be careful!”

“Why do you say that, Margaret?” Mrs. Howard inquired.


My mother looked after me, “Because if she keeps running at that speed she’s going to trip and fall.”

I rushed out into the beautiful morning air. Oh! I haven’t properly introduced myself yet! I’m Kit Kitteredge. Well, my real first name is Margaret like my mom, but I go by Kit. It’s a nickname my dad gave me.

It was 1934, and I was on my way to the newspaper office of the Cincinnati Register. That’s right, I’m an aspiring writer and reporter.

I walked as fast as I could without really “running.” I turned a corner and walked toward the office.

Outside the building someone was selling newspapers, this made me anxious to get my article published as soon as possible. My writing could be sold like that. I excitedly walked through the door.

Inside I saw my friend Edward who worked there. I decided I would have him look my story over before I gave it to the editor, Mr. Gibson. Edward was twice my age. I wished someday I’d be in his place. He looked curiously down at his typewriter. Maybe, he was deep in thought about his latest work…

“Hi Eddie!” I greeted.


“Oh hello Kit! And how’s the ol’ girl?” He smiled looking up from his typewriter.


“Great! What’s the matter with your typewriter?”


“Eh, it’s just not working properley and I can’t figure it out… I might have to get it fixed someplace.”


I sighed. There were other things you had to worry about, besides amazing wording, when you were a writer.


‘So, what have you got there?” He asked me looking at my composition.

I snapped out of my day dream. “My article!” I exclaimed proudly, holding it up. Then a little softer, “Would you read it over real quick? I want to make sure it’s top quality for Mr. Gibson.”

“Sure thing Kit, though, I’m no editor. I’ll judge it as well as I can.”


I handed my work over to him.

He turned it over in his hands.


“This had better be good!” He imitated Mr. Gibson. I grinned.

I waited a little impatiently for him to finish. I actually started tapping my foot.

Finally he was finished. He handed it back to me.


“Well…” I implored.


“It’s very good Kit.” He smiled, “You have the makings of a good writer and reporter. I think helping out in soup kitchens is a great way to help in these times. Keep up the good work!”

“Yes Sir.” I saluted. “I’m going to give this to Mr. Gibson right away!”


I hurried off to the editors office, with Edward laughing behind me, “Kit don’t run, you’ll fall!”


I couldn’t believe it! I was getting better! All I could hope was that Mr. Gibson thought so too.

“Come in!” Mr. Gibson barked as I knocked on his door.

I opened the door and shut it quietly behind me. “Oh uh… hello Mr. Gibson.” I stuttered with as much bravery as I could muster.

“Ahh Kit!” He sighed happily, “My favorite young reporter!”

I was in complete shock. “Favorite,” was not one of his favorite words because he didn’t like anyone or anything. Why is he in such a good mood? I contemplated to myself. There was nothing different than usual. I was the same old me. My stories had always been the same old thing to him.

Even his desk was messy… as usual. I raised an eyebrow. Something was up.

I held up my papers. “Well, Mr. Gibson, I got a new article for you!” I said cheerfully as ever.

“Yes, yes,” He snapped and pointed, “put it in the box!”

“Ok…” I had no idea what was going on. Why had he suddenly switched attitudes? I hesitantly put my precious work in “the box.” I never liked doing that. It was like I was throwing it away.

“If that’s all Sir, I think I’ll be going…” but I knew it wasn’t all.


‘Well, as a matter of fact…” He responded standing up.


Here we go. I thought as I rolled my eyes.

“I have to talk to you about something.” He spoke leisurely.


“Alright Sir.”


“Your articles have been, uh… good… and all… BUT! Now that you have covered the, uh… slightly… insignificant… problems of, uh… our society, then now is the time for you to cover, uh… larger topics.”


“Larger topics?” I asked, upset by his references to my work.

“PRECISELY! Now! I have been sending out reporters like mad lately. There has been a lot going on as you might know, and anyway, if those stories don’t work out… it is, uh… key to have… back up stories.” He smiled obviously happy wth his performance. But I wasn’t. I wasn’t some back up reporter! He couldn’t treat me like that!

He sat down. “You’ll be reporting and writing about, well a… robbery. I’d rather not put so much weight on your, uh… inexperienced shoulders, but… I uh… am running out of options.” He sighed disappointedly.


My thoughts kept rambling. I can’t believe the nerve of this guy… who does he think he is! I’m a REPORTER, not an EXTRA… I… I..

“Wait?! Did you say a robbery?!?!?!” I blurted out, confused.


“Yes…” He looked cheerful. “Just a simple jewelry store robbery… nothing huge.”

My eyes grew wide. “You want me to report a robbery?!” I grinned. Obviously he was using me as fall back, but I was so intrigued, I didn’t have time to rest on the details anymore.




“Well then… I’m in Sir!!!” I exclaimed. Unfortunately, I had no idea that I had just started one of the craziest events of my life.


The End of Part One!


Dun dun dun! I hope you all liked it! Any speculations?! I’d LOVE to hear them! I’m so excited for the next part! Also, sorry if Mckenna’s outfit wasn’t super historically accurate; I thought it would be fine at first but… eh. Well, Bye For Now Everyone!


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