The 30’s, Part Seven!

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Hi guys! I’ve been having trouble with the email lately and this last Friday it didn’t send. So I wanted to tell you if you didn’t get to see that I got my button post up: Here. I would love your input on that. Anyway… PART SEVEN! *Jazz hands* Yay! It is here at last! I know the last part left you with a painful cliffhanger. I’m so mean. >:) I won’t stall you any longer though.

Well… Except for… the character list…



  • Kit plays herself.
  • Mckenna plays Joan (A reporter for the Cincinnati Register newspaper).
  • Marie-Grace (my sister’s doll) plays Margaret Kitteredge (Kit’s Mother).
  • Caroline plays Edward (A person who works at the newspaper office).
  • Lanie (my sister’s doll) plays Sterling Howard (A boarder at the Kittredge house, and son of Mrs. Howard).

Alright NOW you may begin.

I could hear Joan running up behind me. I kept staring in front of me, where Ruthie had ran. My heart thumped faster and faster. What am I going to do?! I panicked inwardly. Ruthie’s words hit me with each pound of my heart: “Kit, please……………………………………………. Don’t tell.”

Then I heard Joan’s panting directly behind me. “Kit!” she sighed relieved. “Are you alright?”


I didn’t turn around, “Yeah.” I muttered emotionlessly.


“I’m assuming you didn’t catch the robber?” There was a little humor in her voice.




“Did you at least get a good look at him?”

I turned around to face Joan. Then I did something I regret wholeheartedly to this day… I lied. “No.”

“Aww. Too bad, but don’t be sad, Kit…” She smiled “Look what I found in the grass over there.” She held the box I had dropped. “He must have dropped the package he stole! It is unbelievable! You must have scared him pretty good, while running after him! He didn’t get away with anything. Good job Kit!”

She carefully opened it up.

A pretty little necklace rested peacefully. “Ah! Good! It’s still in tact.” She put the lid back on and tucked it under her arm.

“Good.” I sighed a little. “N-Now if you don’t mind, I’d like to go home.” I told Joan.

There was a little silence. She seemed to be studying me. Her voice was a more serious now, “Ok, Kit. If you want to, you can go.”

Without saying a goodbye, I darted away. This had been the worst day in my life.

The Next Day…

Sterling and I sat in the living room. He was reading his newspaper like a “man,” and I was completely lost in thought. My heart was heavy. How could my best friend in the world do such a thing? How could I lie? I felt like I was protecting her, but was I? Would she keep this up? Should I tell?

Sterling snapped me out of my thoughts. “Hey, Kit, there are baseball gloves on sale!”


“Mine is good enough, but thanks anyway, Sterling.”


“Alright… but you’re missing out on a great sale.”

Then my Mom came in with my breakfast. She set it down on the table and looked at Sterling. “Can I get you anything, Sterling?”


“No, Mam, I’m good.” He said not glancing up for a moment from his precious paper.

“Kit, Honey,” My Mom said turning to me, “Please eat something. You barely ate yesterday.”


“Yes Mam.” I sighed. “Sorry, I’ve just been… thinking.”

She left the room and I nibbled at my food. It was good, but I still had a hard time swallowing.

I set my fork down. I peered up at Sterling. A few days ago I had been extremely rude to him. I didn’t even apologize, yet I felt that he had forgiven me.


I spoke up, “Sterling.”

“Huh?” He looked up from his newspaper.

“Look. I want to apologize for how rude I have been to you. I should have apologized earlier.”

“Thanks, Kit!” He grinned. “I forgive you.”


It felt good to be forgiven, but it didn’t help the heaviness in my heart of yesterday’s happenings.

Suddenly, my Mom called from the other room. “Kit! There is someone here to see you!”


It wasn’t often that was said. “Who is it?!” I asked curiously.





Edward and my Mom came into the room.


“Hello, Kit.” He greeted in business like tone. “We’ve got to go to the newspaper office. It’s urgent. Ready?”

Sterling raised his hand high. “Ohh! Sounds fun! Can I come?”


“Who are you?”


“Sterling, I’m Kit’s friend.”


“Umm………. I guess you could come along.”


“Yes!!!” Sterling jumped up. “This is going to be so cool.”


My Mom walked past us laughing, “Goodbye, kids! I’m going to go wash some dishes.”

Sterling excitedly joined Edward who’s mood was much more sober. Edward spoke to me again. “Kit, everyone is waiting for you.”



“Yeah, we just received some important news about the robbery on Main. This is pretty big. Even a detective will be there.”


“I don’t know Eddie…” I breathed. “I’m… I’m just not feeling up to it today.”

“Kit,” he said stepping forward, “I’m going to take him…” He gestured to Sterling, “But not you?! I thought you were the aspiring writer and reporter! I mean… come on.”


“Hey!” Sterling said offended.

I stood up. “Okay, fine. I’ll go. What is the big discovery?”

His face was very serious now. “We think we know who the thief is.”

I froze. My heart seemed to stop. Edward’s voice broke the silence, “Is there something wrong, Kit?”

The End of Part Seven!

Hehehehe. This is getting interesting! Be sure to tell me what you thought of this part and don’t forget to tell me which button I should use. Bye For Now!


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