The 30’s, Part Six!

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HELLO! Here it is! Part six of The 30’s! There is a big reveal in this part, so if you haven’t already, you should definitely read the other parts > HERE. Also, I’m in the process of creating a blog button! I’ve actually made many, and I’ll have a post soon, where you can tell me which is your favorite. That will help me choose the final product, (; but for now please enjoy part six!!!


Here’s the character list for part six:


  • Kit plays herself.
  • AND ??? plays the hobo boy.


Well, if you really want to know who the hobo boy is… READ ON!

I rushed through the woods following my ears. “He has got to be somewhere!” I sighed heavily, running out of hope. I whirled my head this way and that when suddenly my eyes froze.

I narrowed my eyes angrily at my subject whose back was turned to me. The hobo didn’t notice me and was quietly walking along, grasping a package that was not his.

I sucked in my breath. I carefully placed my steps, and followed him. I winced every time I heard my feet rustling the grass and fallen leaves.

The robber disappeared behind some large rocks. I let out my breath, I was doing good so far…

I peeked around the side. Oh… I am SO good at this, I smiled to myself. I thought about what the police mens’ faces would look like when they realized a 10 year old girl had caught the thief. I shook my head, Back to the subject.

Suddenly, I spotted him. He was just sitting on a rock with the package beside him. Ultra stealth time, I thought.

I crept slowly and quietly toward the law breaker. My heart was beating rapidly. I didn’t want to even breath. Then one step at a time, I grew closer and closer. I looked at my held out arms. I was shaking!

Then………………………………………………… *CRUNCH!* My right foot ruined it all as I stepped onto some crisp leaves.

The hobo boy jumped up, startled, and bolted away as fast as he could. “UGH!”I grumbled, “Thanks a lot foot!” He did not even bother to snatch up his prize! I lifted an eyebrow. I guess he isn’t a very experienced robber, I reflected. I looked at the box.

Should I take it back right away… or keep perusing, I struggled inwardly. Well… if I take it back, then he could come again, and rob the store. I have to follow him!

Quickly, I grabbed the box and hurried in the direction where he had ran.

I found the hobo ambling up a rocky hill.

“HEY YOU! COME BACK HERE!” I yelled unwisely. He just bounded up the mound even faster. “Oh no you don’t!!!” I said clambering up the hill as fast as I could.

The box was cumbersome. I had to lift it up onto a ledge and then hoist myself to where it lay patiently. I was almost starting to wish he hadn’t dropped it so soon.

The thief hopped down the other side and ran into an open field. I scurried along after him as best I could.

“huh, huh, huh,” I panted, as he sped further and further away. “That’s it.” I announced madly.

I dropped the package into the grass. Now I could run as fast as I wanted without having to worry about it, and that is what I did.

I flew across the field. my leg muscles worked and pushed hard as I bounded forward. I was pretty fast when I wanted to be. I finally approached closely behind him. “huh, huh, huh… come, huh, huh, back here…” I emitted.

All of a sudden, The hobo called behind himself to me. “JUST GO AWAY! YOU GOT WHAT YOU WANT!” I noticed he was becoming tired.

Making my move, I launched myself, pinning the helpless robber to the ground.

I stood up and tore off his hat. “The police are coming soon!” I declared, “You have no where to go.” I felt triumphant. “You… You…”

I gasped. I couldn’t feel myself breathing. The person on the ground rolled over and sat up, long brown curls tumbling everywhere.

My arms felt weak. I dropped the hat on the grass.

Tears streamed down… Ruthie’s cheeks. I felt like I was dyeing inside. I couldn’t speak. I couldn’t believe it. A mixture of anger, sadness, and shock boiled inside. I didn’t know what to do.

She stood up and wiped her eyes, “I’m sorry Kit…” She grabbed her hat, “But I…”

“RUTHIE! HOW COULD YOU?!” I yelled as tears came rushing uncontrollably down my face.

I remembered how scared Ruthie had looked when she found out I was going to be at the jewelry store on main.

I stopped crying. “You weren’t worried about me! You were worried about yourself!”

She gulped “Kit, please……………………………………………. Don’t tell.”

She put on her hat, and and hurried away…

…leaving me standing all alone. Then in what seemed like a few minutes, I heard Joan calling behind me. “KIT! KIT! ARE YOU OKAY?! DID YOU FIND THE HOBO?!” Oh no, I thought, my heart skipping, What am I going to tell Joan?


The End of Part Five!


HEHEHE. Did you see this coming? Was it a total blow? Or did you have your suspicions.. but you weren’t sure? My brother (the one who is not a toddler) figured it out in part 2! So this was probably the shortest part, but also the most dramatic! I’m thinking about having a Q&A with the cast or something like that, when this series is over. I have really been wanting to take cast photos in color! I hope you all are enjoying this! Bye For Now!



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