The 30’s, Part Two!

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Hello People! It’s time for part 2 of The 30’s! I’m so glad you enjoyed the first part! Also, just a note, it’s possible there will be no posting next week… *Gasp* because my Grandparents are coming from another state. I might at least get 1 part up, but no promises on when. I hope you enjoy this next part!!!

Here is a character list:



  • Kit plays herself.
  • Raven plays Ruthie.


Yup, this part introduces you to Ruthie!

The next day, Ruthie and I were in my bedroom listening to our favorite morning channel on the radio. Ruthie was my absolute best friend ever.

“Ha ha ha ha. ” We laughed together at the funny episode.

“And that concludes today’s adventure, be sure to tun in next time kids!” The man on the radio concluded.


I switched it off. “That. Was. Hilarious.” I exclaimed dramatically.

“Definitely.” Ruthie agreed getting out of her chair. “I love that show!”


“Me too!”

Ruthie turned to me. “Thanks for letting me come over to listen to the radio. You know,” then more quietly “since we had to sell ours.”


I smiled sweetly, “Aww… don’t mention it, Ruthie.”

She sat down on my bed. “No. I mean it.” She explained seriously, “I don’t know when we will ever be able to afford to buy a new one… so it means a lot that I’m always welcome here.”


I beamed and nodded. Ruthie’s dad had been out of a job since the bank he worked at went down a few months ago. They had been selling some of their most prized possessions just to get by. I knew how she felt.

“Hey, I’ve been through the same thing, It will be alright in the end.” I encouraged.

Ruthie turned her head to hide a sniffle. She responded despairingly, “I’m… not so sure Kit.”

“Well I am!” I sad confidently putting my arm around her. “And you can trust me!”

She stifled a laugh, and turned her head back. “Yeah…” she grinned. She cleared her throat, “So… do you want to come outside and play hopscotch? We can invite Sterling…” (Sterling was Mrs. Howard’s son and fellow boarder. We were good friends too.)

“Actually… I can’t. I better be heading on over to the jewelry store.”


“A… jewelry store?” Ruthie asked.

“Yeah,” I explained getting up and collecting my reporting stuff, “Sorry. Mr. Gibson is having me go there. So I can NOT be late. You know what I mean?”

“Mr. Gibson?” Ruthie almost whispered, “Why?”

“Well…” I giggled nervously reaching for my camera bag, “I know he doesn’t usually do this but… I’m kind of… uh… a… back up reporter. It’s in case he needs a story. I know! That means there is a chance it won’t get published, but… he says he needs me…”


“Oh Kit!” Ruthie sighed sadly.

and…” I added turning to face Ruthie,”It sounds so interesting! It would be such a new experience to report a robbery!” I pleaded excitedly, slinging my camera bag over my shoulder.


“Robbery?” She whispered.

I looked at her. She just stared silently at me a few moments. She seemed scared. Then she asked,”Kit, do you mean that jewelry store robbery on Main?”

“Well yeah… don’t act like it’s so huge.” I instructed, “Mr. Gibson assured me it wasn’t.”

In an instant Ruthie was on her feet looking me straight in the eyes. “KIT! IT’S STILL A ROBBERY!” She blasted.


I was startled. “WOAH! CALM DOWN RUTHIE!”



“Ruthie, what are you talking about?” I sighed.

“PLAIN AND SIMPLE.” Ruthie stated, “YOU WILL GET INVOLVED!” She took a deep breath, and responded reading my thoughts, “No. Not in the actual robbery! I mean, you’ll start being a regular little detective, and start trying to figure the whole thing out.  They don’t know who the thief is yet… and you will want to find out! What if the thief comes back?” She quieted. “What if your in his way?”


I didn’t know how to respond. I felt that she was trying to be caring… but I was also hurt. Did she seriously not trust me enough to let me go on a simple endeavor? I felt the hurt outweighing the care. “Ruthie! How could you think I’d get involved! I won’t get involved!”

She rolled her eyes, “You always get ‘involved,’ Kit.”

That was it. That made me angry. “NO I WON’T!!!” I yelled, feeling I was defending myself.

Ruthie looked a little shocked. She tried to settle things down. “Ok. Calm down!”

“Well YOU started it!” I protested loudly, pointing my finger at her.

“FINE!” She turned away furiously. “Get ‘involved’! What am I caring about!”

She stomped out of the room, (and the house) leaving me alone.

Dropping my things on the floor, I fell onto my bed, face first. “Ugh!”

This wasn’t good. Our fights never usually got that bad. I had a feeling I had lost my best friend.

I sat up. How could a simple reporting job cause this much trouble? I thought to myself. Suddenly I realized I should be going (Even though I didn’t quite feel like it.). I grabbed my things.

“Time to go.” I would prove to Ruthie I could do this! What I learned later though, was that Ruthie was more scared than I thought…


The End of Part Two!


To be continued!!!! OOOOOH! What’s going to happen? Do you think Kit will get “involved”? Well you’ll have to wait and see! Oh! Tell me what you think of Raven as Ruthie too! Bye for Now!


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