The 30’s Q&A! (Questions)

Hey all!  Hope you are having a great day so far! Here it is the lovely Q&A for The 30’s!

So… this is the Questions portion! This is all about the questions that you ask. First here are a few obvious rules:

  1. Don’t ask anything too personal (My address, age… you get it.)
  2. Must be about my series The 30’s (DUH! But you can totally ask about behind the scenes stuff.)
  4. You can ask me questions or my dolls:


  • Kit plays herself.
  • Raven plays Ruthie.
  • Lanie (my sister’s doll) plays Sterling Howard (A boarder at the Kittredge house, and son of Mrs. Howard). AND Mrs. Howard. (That part wasn’t very significant, but still).
  • Caroline plays Edward (A person who works at the newspaper office).
  • Saige plays Mr. Gibson (The editor of the Cincinnati Register newspaper).
  • Mckenna plays Joan (A reporter for the Cincinnati Register newspaper).
  • Julie (my sister’s doll) plays Betty Stevenson.
  • Grace plays the detective.
  • Marie-Grace (my sister’s doll) plays Margaret Kitteredge (Kit’s Mother).

Here are some generic examples that show you how you might want to lay out your questions:

Kit, How did you enjoy playing yourself? Etc.

Jewel, what did you enjoy about doing this series? Etc.


For Kit: Did you like playing yourself? Etc.

For Jewel: What did you enjoy about doing this series? Etc.

Basically, just make sure you specify who the question is for. Ideally, I’d love to have questions for all of them to answer. The answers will be posted on Friday!

Alright, so that this post isn’t too boring, I’d thought I’d share some pics from The 30’s in color! This was recommended by JustAG, and I thought it would be really cool for you guys to see!

You guys know I like this one. I was really happy to catch a pic of the ball in mid-air. AND>>> LOL! Sterling is wearing pink! HEY! HEY! Before you throw rotten tomatoes, it was in black in white! You, see I didn’t have to worry about that… until now. XD

Wow. I really like how this one came out in color! Poor Kit ):

POOR RUTHIE! Crying everywhere!

AWW! Don’t tell Kit I said this, but she is such a cute doll.

This is cute! Who am I kidding, American Girl dolls are CUTE, so all these are going to be cute, get over it, Jewel.

You can see Sterling/Lanie’s ear piercings. XD

Group shot! I had so much fun with the different characters. As you can see, not everyone’s clothes were super matchy matchy, but I had liberties with black and white. It was my friend!


Kit and Joan are so pretty! They have such contrasting personalities.

HAHA! This has to be the funniest scene in my opinion! I call it the “Mr. Gibson Gets Put in His Place Scene.”

 I was so happy with this shot because it was very much how I had wanted it to look.

SWEET! I hope you guys enjoyed the photos! NOW GET COMMENTING! XD I can’t wait to see your questions and answer them! Bye for now everyone!


I need to get a sign off, huh?