The AG Josefina Face-mold Comparison

Bring out the trumpets because it’s finally here… The AG Josefina Face-mold Comparison! Today we will be doing exactly as the title says: comparing the face-molds of all my dolls that have the named Josefina face-mold from American Girl! I also decided (with my sister’s permission) to use Julie as well, my sister’s only doll with the Josefina face-mold.

Ok, let me start off by saying that I love the Josefina face-mold so much because I think it looks like one of the most realistic ones AG has. The chin is just pointy enough, and it doesn’t look overly chubby. XD Now for some comparison:

Out of all these 5 dolls, Grace and Mckenna seem to look the most like each other. They look like they could be biological sisters. Their hair colors and eyebrow shapes are different,  but they have the same eye and skin color which, I believe, leads to very similar looking dolls.

Here you can better see the eyebrow variation. Mckenna’s are darker and made of thicker lines while Grace’s are a little wider. Their eyes are very similar.

Rebecca has the same eyebrows as Mckenna it seems while Julie’s are just lines. Sometimes Becca’s hazel eyes can look brown in pictures but up close you can see they are really a mixture of green and dark grey with maybe some touches of brown. Julie also has pinwheel eyes like most of my Josefina face-molds while Rebecca is the only one who does not.

You might think Luci and Julie have the same eyes, but I’ve heard that AG has changed the eyes recently (I’m not sure what exactly they’ve changed) with the side-effect of a lot of their new dolls looking more downward than straight. Luci has this problem.

Even though Grace and Julie have the same skin tone, I still feel like they are the most different from each other of the ones we have. Eye color really makes a difference in how the doll looks, especially if they are basically exact opposites like blue and brown. Besides that, they have different hair colors and eyebrow shapes. Grace also has freckles and it looks like she is wearing make-up, especially blush and lipstick. Let me show you what I mean:

The 2 dolls on top have shinier lips, and that’s not just an aging thing because Luci is basically brand-new. Julie overall looks like she is wearing the least amount of make-up which goes well with her personality. XD

Luci is my only Josefina face-mold without light skin. She has the medium skin tone, and it does contrast nicely with the others.

Luci’s sidebangs are MUCH longer than Grace’s and they tend to get in her face. Rebecca’s face is not very shiny at all since she is so new. Her blush is the perfect amount to make her cheeks look rosy. Also, over time a doll might lose some of its blush, though it doesn’t seem too harsh on mine (even though Mckenna especially has been through a lot as my first doll).

What do you think? Do you have a doll with the Josefina face-mold? Have you ever compared your dolls? What makes them the most different? Tell me in the comments! If you enjoyed this post be sure to drop a like! Bye for now, everyone!




  • Madison

    This post made me think! I have McKenna, Grace, and Josefina with the Josefina face mold. You described McKenna and Grace, but I think Josie’s has non-shiny lips and her eyebrows are a bit different too. Awesome job Jewel! Have a great day!

    • Jewel

      Oh, awesome! Oh how cool! Yes, we have to thank Josefina for giving us this wonderful mold! XD Thanks so much! You too, Madison!


  • Natalie Therese

    Interesting! Mckenna and Grace do look like sisters-they actually remind me of me and my biological sister; she is tanner than I am, but has lighter hair. Lovely photos and outfits!

  • justAG

    Thanks for the post Jewel! I learned a bit XD I only have Elizabeth with the Josefina face-mold. Her cheeks are starting to lose their rosy color though. (she’s been through some struggles since I got her when I was only 6)

  • Katie

    Yay!!! Love the comparison Jewel! I have Josefina with the Josefina face mold, it’s so cute! Yes! The hair and eye color makes a huge difference in the look of the doll, most of my dolls are classic molds but look very different from each other. I believe the change in eyes has to do with how they’re put together. But the effect of it is that the eyes sometimes aren’t looking straight ahead of them, and (the one I’ve seen a lot of) the eyes looking off in two different directions. Love all your beautiful Josie mold dolls, girl! Thanks for doing such an awesome post!
    -Katie 🙂

    • Jewel

      Thanks so much, Katie! IKR? Definitely! OH! Ok, thanks for that info. 🙂 XD Thanks! I love them too. No problem.


  • Xyra

    Hi! Great post. I love the comparisons. I have two dolls with the Josefina mold: Grace and Lea. I think what makes them most different from the others is the tilt or angle of their heads. Then I have Kaya who is truly unique and the rest have classic faces…except for Haley (who is completely different being a Madame Alexander).

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