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The Christmas Tag!

ello mates. XD I was nominated for the Christmas tag by MARY!

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What is your favorite thing about Christmas??

I love the feeling of Christmas, just the peace and joy you get from everything.

-What is your favorite Christmas memory??

Hmmmm… Well here is a cool one: The year I got Mckenna I asked for her gymnastics set. One of my presents was some money. My Mom told me I could use it to help to save for Caroline. I was really happy about that. They totally fooled me because… there was a big box under the tree for me and when I tore open the wrapping paper it was a cardboard box. I thought the big box held Mckenna’s gymnastics stuff. I opened the box, cleared away the packing peanuts, and low and behold it was a doll! Yup, I got Caroline! I was so surprised I started crying (not to mention my dad was videoing XD). My mom said that they were so proud I had earned for Mckenna myself they bought her for me. It was way better than getting Mckenna’s gymnastics stuff.

-Do you have any Christmas traditions?? 

Yeah… we aren’t a super traditional family, but we get our Christmas breakfast in our stockings!

-What is your Christmas wish??


-What is your favorite Christmas dish??

Every year we have the big dinner on Christmas eve, and on Christmas, we snack on cheese, crackers, summer sausages, and a bunch of other stuff. So to answer the question: I like all the little snacky stuff. Last year we each also got a bag of dried strawberries in our stockings! YUM!

– What is your favorite Christmas decoration??

Definitely the tree. It’s full of memorable ornaments and the lights!!! I love the lights!

-Whats your favorite Christmas song?

DON’T. EVEN. ASK. Is it possible to have a favorite?! There are too many good ones!

-Where do you usually celebrate Christmas?

Usually our house. This year though, we are having it in my Mom’s cottage (it’s a separate building from the house: like the “Lego House”) since our actual house isn’t completed yet. 😉 That’s where the tree is in the picture above. ^

-What does the Christmas spirit mean to you?

It means a lot. It means celebrating Jesus humbling himself to come to earth. This Christmas I want to remember that the reason we give and get presents is to symbolize what God gave us, the ultimate love sacrifice.

-Out of anyone in the world would you want to spend Christmas with?

UGH! That is so hard… if I chose one person… probably my sister?

I nominate:


AG’s in Alaska!

And The PolkaDotPatriot!

Have fun Guys!

Also a note: I might not be posting this coming week. I am hoping to at least get one post up about what I get, but probably not much else because… IT IS CHRISTMAS WEEK! Does there really need to be more explaining? XD

Bye For Now!!!




  • Katie

    THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR NOMINATING ME!!! LOL I had a similar experience last year with Maryellen, so my mom likes to do this thing where she’ll put a box into a lager box, then put that into a even larger box. XD So on Christmas I opened a present and saw a cardboard box, I opened one of the flaps and saw Beforever.. I thought she was just putting a small outfit box into a larger box. I open the box the rest of the way and I see Maryellen, I’m so startled to see her in there I close the cardboard box and look at my mom and ask her “Really? Is she mine?” XD. Your tree is so beautiful! I love it! That is such a cool tradition to have your breakfast in your stockings, what do you usually get in them?
    – Katie 🙂

  • Jewel

    No problem! XD OH WOW! THAT’S AWESOME! That’s sound’s almost like something I would say! Thank You so much, I like it a lot. We usually will get some sort of cereal (sometimes in the small individual travel sized boxes), fruit, (this year I know we are getting individual orange juice bottles) sometimes we’ll get nuts or raisins… it differs a lot each year.


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