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The Dolls’ Friends

I love my American Girl dolls, but my dolls are not the only ones in the house. My younger sister has three dolls, Julie, Lanie, and Marie Grace. My sister wanted an  AG doll when I got Mckenna, and when she got one, we both were hooked.

Here are her three dolls. They might appear in some of my posts.

Marie Grace is her first doll. My sister got her for Christmas when I got Caroline.

Lanie is her second doll. She got her for her Birthday. Lanie recently got her ears pierced.

Julie is her third doll. Julie is a Beforever doll, and my sister earned for her herself.

Altogether, we have four Historical dolls and Four Girl of the Years. We have no Truly Me dolls yet. My sister is earning for the new Beforever 1950’s Maryellen Larkin. I’m earning for Samantha.


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