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The Makeup Mishap, A Photostory

Hello everybody! Today I have a funny little photostory, for you all. 🙂 I am happy that I got to use some of the newer AG dolls in it. My backdrop for the entire thing is Tenney’s Stage and dressing room. It was super useful.

The stage was empty and the room was full of quiet murmurs from the audience that waited with anticipation for the Tenney and Logan duo.

Backstage Logan fiddled with Tenney’s makeup supplies. “I don’t get girls and their makeup. What’s so great about it?”

Rebbeca slapped his hand away. “Then don’t mess with it!” She snapped. “Makeup is fun to put on.”

“Alright, alright!” Logan persisted, “I was just asking.”

“And…” Rebecca added with a flair, “I get to do Tenney’s stage makeup for the show!”

“Yeah… where is Tenney?” Logan thought aloud, looking at her picture, “It’s not like her to be late for a show. Rebecca?”

“Hey… are you putting on Tenney’s makeup?”

“WHAT?! NO!” She jumped, hiding it behind her back.

“Uh… then why isn’t on the vanity?” Logan teased.



Abruptly Grace popped in. “Guys!”

“Ahhh!” Rebecca screamed shooting her hands in the air.

“Where is Tenney?!” Grace asked. Grace was the stage manager.

“I don’t know,” said, Logan, “I was wondering that myself.”

“Well, tell me as soon as she gets here! I have to put Luciana on stage to stall.” Grace shuddered.

Rebecca gulped as she looked at something on the ground.

Grace turned to leave, but pointed at the ground saying, “Oh, Rebecca, I think you dropped something when I came in.”

When Grace left, Logan leaned on the vanity and grinned.

“What?” Rebecca said, leaning to pick up the makeup Grace had pointed out.

“It must have fallen off the table.” She smiled at her cleverness and put it back in its place.

“Right. Sure, sure.” Logan rolled his eyes humorously. He slid off his jacket and put it on the back of the chair. He realized Rebecca could usually get away with things, being the little actress she was.

Suddenly, Chen rushed in, scaring Rebecca yet again.

“Oh no! This is bad you guys!” Chen exclaimed.

“What’s wrong?!” Logan urged.

“I just came from home. Tenney is really sick! She won’t be able to make it for the show.”

Grace rushed in. “We need a different act NOW! It’s not pretty out there.”

Luci was enjoying telling everyone outer-space facts, “Did you know, the earth is 92.96 million miles from the sun? You gotta’ admit, that is pretty interesting.”

Someone in the audience yawned.

Backstage the girls panicked.

“I was going to do Tenney’s make up!” Rebecca cried.

Many things were going through Logan’s head. One was that the audience probably wouldn’t be entertained by an hour-long drum solo. Then an even better idea hit him. “Hey! I got a plan!” He said, “But it requires that Becca wear makeup.”

Rebecca’s ears perked up immediately.

“Alright Logan, I trust you. Make it work!” Grace said. “I have to go stop Luci!”

“Are you sure about this?” Rebecca asked a little later as Logan tried his hand at applying makeup to her face.

“I become surer every moment I keep doing this.” He giggled slightly.


Finally, Logan was done.

“Oooh! Can I see myself?” Rebecca pleaded.

“Uhh… No time!” Logan pushed her away from the mirror, “Just remember to crack a few jokes.”

“Ha! I can do that! I’m a born comedian.”

Rebecca entered the stage with a glorious clown face. The audience erupted in laughs and cheers. “Ah! Thank You, my public!” Rebecca exclaimed.

Logan got up to his drums and did a little, “Ba-dum-ching” after each of Rebecca’s jokes. Rebecca loved it. “Thank you!!! Thank You!!!” She bowed.

When the show was finally over, Luciana congratulated Rebecca and Logan backstage. “You guys were fantastic!”

“I know!” Rebeca agreed happily.

Luci left and Rebecca couldn’t stop grinning. “Logan, they loved me!!!”

He laughed. “I guess makeup does come in handy sometimes.”

“Oh right! I forgot to see how well you did on my makeup!” she remembered.

She turned to the mirror and immediately screamed in horror. “LOGAN!!!”

“Heehee.” He smiled nervously, “Do you like it?”


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