WHAT OTHER TOY?!?!?!?! I know, I know, that title might be a smidge more menacing than I wanted, but… oh well. So today is just 1 post about one of my other favorite toys of all time: LEGO!!!!! “Uh… Jewel,” you say, “that technically doesn’t fall into the doll category…” Yes, but I BEG you to try to squeeze in the possibility, this ONE time at least, that Lego mini-figures could be considered dolls. *winces* Maybe. Because Lego is just… AWESOME!

Ok, you know I love Lego, that’s why I’m doing this, and I have been getting into Lego minifig photography. I also told you at the very end of Raven’s Rey Photo Story: that the discussion of Lego would be another story. THIS. IS. THAT. STORY! Today I’m going to show some minifig photography I have done lately. I’ll also list the title, and talk a little about each. Hope you like it!

Lego City:

Police Chief. I like to use black and white. Here is a simple picture of a smiling police chief in Lego city. My sibling’s, my dad, and I  have created a Lego city, that we want to keep expanding.

The Hotdog’s Dilemma. This is right outside the city’s fire station. The poor hotdog guys’ food might fall victim to the hungry group of huskies.

Uh Oh! These robbers seem to be successful in their conquest of robbing a city mansion! Hopefully, they get caught soon.

Say Cheese! On the top of the hotel, (Our tallest building so far) the minifigs get a great view… of YOU!

Guitarra Del Señor. This Señor plays his guitar for the enjoyment of the public in the city’s shopping square. I love his sombrero!

Balcony View. I really like this one. It is again at the hotel, on a balcony.

Hot Day + Hungry Dog = Hotdog. A hotdog vendor now on the beach. Still unsuccessful in staying away from the dogs, LOL.

Lego Batman:

Batman. I love how close up this is.

The Batarang. I love all the texture displayed here.

The Dark Knight. This screams Batman! The cracks, the mysterious shadow, the dark figure, this is Batman!

THE BAT. This shadow translated onto the wall really well.

The Joker. I love how the black is pure, and that the Joker fades into the background so well!

Laughing Fit. The joker’s bright color work just so well with the background!

Our Hero. This and all the following Pictures were taken outside.

Star Wars:

Tatooine Droids. Are not these Star wars droids too cute?

Reflection of a Stormtrooper. I love these water shots!

The Trooper. This one of my favorites by far!

Thanks Guys, I really hope you enjoyed these! Do you like Lego? What was your Favorite picture? I LOVE LEGO! LOL


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