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The Presumed Princess, A Photostory

‘Ello Mates. Jewel here! Can you BELIEVE it is almost Christmas?! It is so exciting! Next week, I plan to post a Christmas photostory, but I’m still having trouble uploading photos, so today I’ll be sharing the photo story I had made for Natalie and Emmie’s Fall Photostory Competition. The contest was sadly canceled with me being the only person that sent in a story that didn’t have to be disqualified, but they plan to possibly do it again maybe in the summer, so please consider entering it next year if you are interested!
Anyway, this was my short audition story, using the prompts of “Rose” and “Princess”:
Dear Diary, I’ve had an interesting past few days. You see, there’s was this new girl at school named Rose.
She’s was kind of different. She comes from a rich family and is very prim and proper. She always dresses super nice. She was made fun of for it.
My best friend Megan kept telling me, “Charlie, we should be friends to her. She doesn’t have any.”
But… I’m ashamed to admit, I’d interrupt Megan with, “Meg, look at her. She’s doesn’t even mind the bullies’ comments. She literally acts like they are not even there. Besides, you and I are the definitions of tomboys, and she is just straight up girly. We would never get along.”
One day, Megan insisted we invite her to play football with us. I sighed and finally gave in, calling across the schoolyard, “Hey! You want to play some football?!”
I caught Rose’s attention. She called back, “No, thank you! I’m not very good at sports!”
See,” I told Megan.
Another time, my teacher practically forced me to sit next to Rose. I hoped those bullies weren’t watching. I just tried to ignore her as she talked to her little animal erasers.
This could not get any lamer… ” I told myself.
Then there was that awful day when the school bullies were at their worst. They were laughing at a girl who had tripped over her own clumsiness and scrapped her knee.
“Gosh…” Megan said, “Why can’t they just leave! We need to do something!”
“But then they’ll start laughing at us!” I protested.
It was then that Rose marched boldly up to them. “Hey! Why don’t you girls quit it?!”
“Who’s going to make us, Princess Perfect?”
“I can and I will,” Rose stated.
“Or…” I said coming up, “you can talk to the Principal, who my buddy is getting right now.”
“It’s your choice,” I finished. I waited for their reaction.
“Whatever…” they said walking away.
Rose turned to me. “Thanks so much!”
“Uh…” I sighed, “Don’t thank me. I was avoiding you for a while because you were different. Plus, I didn’t want to be bullied. But you know what? It doesn’t matter anymore if your different than me or I get picked on because friends should be the people who care.”
“Oh… thank you,” she smiled.
I ended up inviting Rose and the other girl to my house to hang out. So Diary, as you can tell, I don’t regret becoming her friend, but maybe I was too nice…
…because I do regret letting her re-decorate my room.
“Alright, everyone! We need more PINK!”


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