Part 4, The Treasure of Lady Travier

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Hey doll enthusiasts! Today is part 4 of the Treasure of Lady Travier. I’m not going to tell you which choice won the vote. You’ll have to see, but I will tell you that #1 had 0 votes! LOL,  It was probably way too cliche. XD Well anyway, here it is!

I slung the bag over my shoulder and laughed. “Ah! This is perfect.”

Julia raised an eyebrow.

“How incredibly perfect,” I mused.

“What’s so perfect?” She asked.

“Ah, Miss Burdett, you do not know this girl like I do. For instance, did you know she has left me for dead multiple times?”

“Dex?” Opal begged.

“Oh, be quiet, Opal,” I told her.

I stepped closer, “And now, here we are. She’s in the same predicament as she has always left me. No doubt she’s probably planned on betraying me.”

I took another step closer. Julia looked at me quizzically.

“Revenge is not overrated,” I sighed. “And,” I added, “I don’t even have to get my hands dirty!”

Julia laughed. “I’m not playing, Mr. Dexter. Give. ME. The bag,” She tightened her grip.

I stepped closer. “What? After all she has done to me, you think I care about Miss Opal Davis? No, no, Miss Burdett, I will be keeping THIS bag and delivering it to the lovely Lady Travier. Thank you.”

Julia Burdett stared at me. “What are you…?”

I grabbed the blade of the dagger. Opal gasped. I pulled it towards me.

“UGHHH!” Julia said caught by surprise. She only had one hand free with the other keeping a tight hold on Opal.

She struggled to keep hold of it.

“You know,” I said, “Words can be distracting…” I yanked the dagger free.

I turned and threw it across the station.

I heard running behind me. “Dex! She’s getting away!” Opal yelled.

I casually turned around and walked toward Opal. Julia had already disappeared. “I don’t have the authority to capture her,” I stated, “We need to talk to the police.”

“And technically,” I added, “I shouldn’t be holding this either.” I placed the bag on the ground.

I turned back to Opal. “I just saved your life. You’re welcome.”

“I know,” she sighed, quieter than usual, “For a moment there, I thought you would actually leave me,” she smiled slightly.

“Yeah, well,” I hesitated a moment, “just be glad my motto isn’t an eye for an eye.”  There were a few moments of silence.

Opal cleared her throat. “Now, let’s see what’s in this bag,” she said bending down.

“Opal no! You can’t search through her things. That’s the police’s job.”

“Dex whatever’s in this bag is very important to, Lady Travier. We need to make sure it’s safe.”

“Opal, put it down,” I threatened.

She opened it.

Unbelievable,” I sighed.

“What…?” She said looking at the contents, “It’s just a bunch of playing cards.”

“What? Well, I guess now we know. Now put the bag down and call Lady Travier. It could be some sort of valuable deck of cards.”

Opal zipped up the bag and put it down.

She picked up her purse which had fallen off her shoulder in the midst of the drama.

“Fine. Give me a minute.”

I looked after her as she went to the other side of the station to make the call.  I didn’t like it, but we were working together much more than I had planned.

I remained in my spot, guarding the bag. We would have to call the police later. I sighed. I couldn’t believe we had done all this for a deck of cards. I wasn’t one to question my employer though.

I remained silent and just listened. I could hear the murmurs of Opal talking to Lady Travier. Then, I realized, I heard something else.

It was a ticking sound.

Opal came up behind me. “Dex, we have really bad news. The Lady was crying. It’s… not the treasure.”

Suddenly everything became clear in my mind. “Opal go!”

“What? Where?”

“Move!!!” I yelled pushing her.

“Woah, Dex!”

I thrust Opal off the platform and came tumbling after her.


An explosion went off, rattling the station. We were somewhat guarded, but rubble flew and I tried to protect Opal.


It subsided and all I could hear was the crackling of flames.

Opal sat up, “What on earth?! What just happened?!”

I rose to my feet. “I’ll tell you, we were set up.”

dun dun dun… Yep! #2 won, but I changed it up a bit, adding a bit of the cruel nature of #3 since many people were very interested in that option (and so was I). I was really intrigued by what all you had to say! I hope you like how it turned out, I personally believe human life is important enough to Dex for him to not just run, but he also would not give up the bag easily.

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Thanks to my little sis for helping me out with this part! What was your favorite thing about part 4? You decide what happens next! If you enjoyed the post, thump that like button! 🙂 Bye, for now, everyone!


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