What I Won From Anna, (The first giveaway I won… EVER)

I recently won a giveaway by Anna at From a Doll’s Perspective. I received the package, and I am sooooooooo pleased with everything. What Anna prepared deserves a post of its own. Please go check out her blog HERE, because this is how a giveaway should be done.

When my dad came home from work, and saw my package from Anna, he was shocked at how much thought was put into the whole thing. It was a pleasant surprise. It was covered in AG stickers ^. I loved it.Β My sis took pictures of me opening the box.

When I opened it up, I saw my name, “Jewel” with actual little gems on the side!!! Thank You Anna! That was such a cool thing to do!

I opened it more, and there were hearts on all the other sides and light purple tissue paper covering the top. It was all so pretty!

Every layer of this box had some thing special. Once I removed the tissue paper there was a card enclosed in an envelope.

The card had a cute little girl on the front.

Thanks Anna! I love that you included a card!

Then came the prizes! First up was this adorable little quilt! It is a light tan and has teddy bears all over it. It is so cute!

Here is the matching pillow. I am really thankful for this. We have been needing doll pillows. πŸ™‚

Next here is the robe! It is really nice. It is pink with polkadots. It also has a tie for around the doll’s waist.

I’m very excited about the sweater dress. I’ll have to take Saige out for a photoshoot soon in this!

Then came the doll! She is a My Life As Sleepover Host doll. She is super pretty.

Finally the mini doll! AHHHHH! She is amazingly adorable! I can’t get over her cuteness.

I told my brother to get one of my dolls. He came back with Kit. Yeah, Kit has been being used a lot lately, but that is the one he brought. So she got to experience all the new stuff first hand. She wanted that doll open pronto.

Here she is! This might sound weird, but her hair smells really good to me. We need doll Pj’s too so this was a great doll to get.

Here is a look at her eye. Is it not gorgeous?! Her top eyelashes are very long. Her bottom eyelashes are painted.

My Life As dolls seem to be a bit taller than AG dolls.

The robe fit Kit very nicely. I didn’t put the sweater dress on her. You’ll have to wait and see that on Saige.

The bedding fits the dolls perfectly!

Next we opened the mini doll! She is so darn cute!

AHH! Just AHH! I really like both of their Pajamas and their bunny sleep masks.

I’m very pleased with EVERYTHING. Thank You Anna for all that you did in putting this together!

Here are the dolls together. I decided to share my winnings with my sister and gave her the two dolls. She really likes them and named the 18in doll Sheila!

Here she is holding them. You can see their sweet little slippers too. I was so excited to win a giveaway, and Anna made it extra special. Thanks so much!

If anna decides to start selling her quilts I strongly suggest buying one. They are great quality and are adorable! Also the my life As dolls are super cute, and I never got to really hold one in person or take a close up look until now. I like Sheila and the mini a lot, and suggest getting them if your interested. Well that’s all for today! Bye for now, everyone!





  • Katie

    That is so cute that she put your name on the box! I love the sweater
    dress, Sheila is so cute! My Life As dolls are great, I have one
    (Olivia) and my mom has one (I'm not sure if I told you this but my
    mom has a couple dolls, her My Life As is named Grace). Olivia is about
    2 years old and her hair is still silky and soft, so they hold up really
    well. This may sound like a weird question but does the mini doll have a
    cloth or plastic body? I've been interested in maybe buying a mini
    look alike for Olivia but I don't know a lot about their minis.
    Congrats on your giveaway prize! It was so nice of you to share with
    your sister! I bet she's excited πŸ™‚
    – Katie πŸ™‚

  • Jewel

    I know right? COOL! Yeah, they are really pretty. That's not weird!
    The mini has a plastic body, which is different from the larger who is
    half and half. Thank You! Yes! She is very happy with them.


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