What Jewel got for Christmas!

Hey people! I sincerely hope you had a very, very Merry Jesus’ B-day! I had a very good Christmas, though I did not get to post on that day. That is why I decided to post today! This is my Christmas haul from my Mom and Dad, a lot of the stuff was toy related (I am such a little kid still and love it) so that is why I am sharing it on this blog. I personally like seeing hauls, so I thought you all might too.

Also, don’t worry because the next part of The Treasure of Lady Travier will be posted next week!

Alright, let’s start with the AG stuff (because you know I had to ask for at least SOMETHING American Girl related):

First I got Rebecca’s kittens! They are so adorable! Does anyone remember if they were in the books and had names? If not, I’ll be naming them.

Anyway, Rebecca needed a pet (or two) and I think these kitties are so ADORABLE!

AG pets are overpriced for sure, but I just couldn’t resist these two. Look how small one is in my hand. ^

I also received Tenney’s accessories, the main reason I had asked for this was for the guitar of course.  Sadly Tenney is retiring this year, so it is good to have.

It also came with a doll notebook (no not my blog XD) and a (very chunky) pick. I like that the guitar plays music.

Next the non-AG things:

If you didn’t know by now, I’m a major fan of Lego and the Lego movies. I also really love the Ninjago TV show. My favorite Lego Movie is the Lego Batman Movie. I got a good sized set from it: The Joker’s Lowrider.

It’s a very recognizable car from the beginning of the movie and it features two minifigs in particular that I really had wanted: Regular Harley Quinn (I only had nurse Harley), and the Joker without his jacket (I like the Tatooes on his arms).

It comes with Batgirl who I already had, but it is good to have extras. 🙂

It is really fun to play with the bouncy leaning an tilting feature of the car.

I also received a very funny graphic tee that was on my Pinterest clothes board. LOL, I love Star Wars.

Speaking of Star Wars, my favorite X-mas present, was my Star Wars Black Series 6 inch Clone Captain Rex. We started collecting the Black Series figs recently and they are so articulate. I already had Rey and Kylo Ren.

It might seem silly that he is my favorite thing, but he is one of my favorite Star Wars characters and I’ve been wanting him for a while.

He uses the new facial printing technology which makes him look basically exactly like Jango Fett from the movies (besides his dyed blond hair, of course).

So that is what I got from Christmas from my mom and dad. I am also going to get another awesome Star Wars tee. It has a silhouette of Kylo and Rey fighting the Praetorian Guards. You can see it HERE.

One set of grandparents bought our whole family some things, and my other set of grandparents sent me some money which I am going to use to… I’ll tell you later… but you probably aren’t expecting it. >:)

How was your Christmas? What did you receive? Let’s chat! I have this and the next week off of school! If you enjoyed the post hit that like button! Bye, for now, everyone!




  • Diamond @

    Merry Christmas! You got a lot of cool stuff( I like that shirt). I think that the kittens were in the third Rebecca book(the Christmas one) I’m pretty sure her Italian neighbor had a cat that had kittens. I want to say one of their names was Pasta? I’m not entirely sure, but I can check if you want. I had a pretty good Christmas. I posted a haul on my blog, but in case you don’t check it out, the main thing I got was a Puppy! I named him Rocket(after the trashpanda of course!)

    • Jewel

      Thank you, Diamond!!! Oh sweet! Oh no worries, you don’t have to go looking. I can try and find it myself. Thanks for telling me though! Oh that’s so great! 🙂


  • Katie

    Merry Christmas! Hope it was a great one for you and your family! You got some really cool stuff, I especially like The Joker’s Lowrider ( I feel like I’ve seen a drawing of that Harley somewhere before…. ;)) the shirt is amazing too XD LOL I’m the same, I mostly get toy related stuff. And I will literally sit in front of the tree like a little kid and play with everything
    -Katie 🙂

  • Jewel

    You too!!! I got your Christmas card! Thank you so much! It was AMAZING! 🙂 (Yes… I feel like I have too… XD) Thank you! LOL YES! Never grow up too fast. 😉


    • Jewel

      Oh, awesome!!! I’ve seen all nine seasons! I’m super excited for the 10th.

      (Thank you so much! You too! 🙂 )


  • Tess (blackiesunshine)

    Merry Christmas, Jewel!! I loved all those presents. Give me that Star Wars shirt except replace Star Wars with Marvel. GAH I NEED THIS.
    Also I’m in love with Rebecca’s kittums. DEY ARE COOT KITTUMS. I love it. I almost bought Tenney’s accessories yesterday when I made my after-Christmas AG order but I decided against them at like the last minute.

    • Jewel

      Thanks Tess!!! You too! LOL Yes, that is what my sister wants as well. XD
      IKR?! They are SOOOO Sweet. 🙂 Yeah, I just wanted to get the instrument she is most known for playing. 😉


  • Laura Beth

    This is so fun! I received the traditional candy, a few gift cards, and a few smaller gifts. My parents are going to pay for a new bathroom vanity for our house (Yay home ownership!). The best gift was from my husband – A set of 50 Crayola colored pencils, and a really cool relaxing coloring book with all sorts of animals and designs. I did buy several AG things for myself – Too much. My bank account needs to rest and recover for a while!

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